Friday, August 26, 2005

These past two days...

I've behaved: have recorded my poems for the fall issue of 2River View, revised around four poems today and submitted stuff here and there. Have also updated the 2005 credits and links in the website.

Also, the clothes mound on the living room sofa is has incredibly halved! Have ironed and put away some... or, as my darling hubby puts it, I have distributed the mound elsewhere.

Everything seems calm and content. Have begun spaceship construction in Civ III as Shogun Tofugawa... which means the game is about to end. Couldn't resist: have wiped out the Chinese and Roman civilizations--mainly because they were "in the way." Funny how these games simulate real life so well.

Have also discovered the breathtaking surreal art of Giovanni Cannizzo at deviantART which I'm hoping to use for the next issue of NG. Yay! Very excited about it.

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