Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sometimes I think I'm a bee (Greek)

Recent buzz words:

• revisions (a.k.a. the list poem massacre)

• Civ 3 (or the day I woke up Greek--after exterminating the Romans and launching the spaceship)

• rejection slip from Lost Horse Press re: scrying sand mss (a.k.a. as Lost Hope Case--the rejection was good, positive, especially since I've totally trashed the old mss. Hee.)

• and lastly, book-shopping today!!

Have ordered my half-year's supply of poetry books: "The Beauty of the Husband" by Anne Carson; "How Things Are On Thursday" by Ros Barber; "The Book of Judas" by Brendan Kennelly; "Signs Round a Dead Body" by Deryn Rees-Jones and "The Beautiful Lie" by Sheenagh Pugh for my birthday. Something to look forward to, at least... together with imminent botulin injections around the eyes.

My Third Secret Love Poem is up at leaf press (Monday poem)... as sort of consolation prize for rejecting my secret love poem mss on account of my current address. Sigh.

Some days I speak Greek, think Greek, feel Greek and totally indifferent to my surroundings (which includes a dusty chocolate Easter egg that cries out to be ravished).

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