Saturday, August 20, 2005

Back from S. Primo (Bellagio)

And not very happy about it. First, the ride back home was terrible... it literally rained (and hailed) cats and dogs in the freeway, then we came home and discovered that some idiot neighbor switched off our electrical current. The freezer leaked water all over the kitchen floor and I had to say a sad goodbye to all the (ex)frozen meat, seafood, potatoes... and my beloved provision of chopped onion.
Just wait until I get my chair on that %$&#@ who did this!

To top it all, all computers seemed to have gone on vacation, too and wouldn't connect to the internet until tonight.

Also found a a rejection letter in the mailbox from CavanKerry Press regarding my mss, "The Lean Season". Handwritten under the form letter:
    This is so beautifully written, but CRP has put a hold on considering any manuscript from outside the US.



Rachel Mallino said...

You're back, yay! Sorry to hear about the disaster, sometimes we need a vacation when we come back from vacation.


Arlene said...

Thanks, Rachel!! Will be back in ITWS in September. I'm still in vacation mode... slept for a total of 13 hours today. Sometimes I still amaze myself. Hee.

Have to remember to send Jude my congratulations, too! YAY! Love *that* poem!

Squamish Writers Group said...

Welcome home. Sad homecoming though.Do you know your apartment insurance might cover the lost food?

Talks soon

Squamish Writers Group said...

PS - thanks for the congrats :)