Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm not dead, you know.

Maybe a bit tipsy. Still breathing. Heaving, more likely. But can someone explain to me why am I wearing this party hat?
What? Oh. Yeah. It's because I have to toot the horn.

A is very pleased to announce that Issue 41 of The Pedestal Magazine is now online — with fantabulous poetry by Ros Barber, Ken Champion, Margaret Clark, Sarah J. Den Boer, Arun Gaur, Robert Gregory, Sandra Kohler, Mary Miller, Jarrod Minto, Andrew Mossin, Allan Peterson, Allison Shoemaker, Lynn Strongin, James Tipton and Yun Wang.

Have to admit it's one of the best issues I've put together... if not the best. Very strong poems, and the variety makes me think I've got a hundred eyes: the works range from formal to more experimental work, from minimalist to narrative poetry. Just rereading everything puts me on cloud nine. Hope it's a high for others, too.

Recent acceptances:

THE SHop accepted my poem, The Day She Was Called to Identify the Body for a future issue. The note states: Poems are normally published within twelve months of acceptance. And I'll —uh— drink to that.

This Ireland-based print magazine accepts submissions only via snailmail. However, the good news is that they reply via e-mail — no need to worry about Irish stamps or IRCs.

Special thanks goes to Davide Trame for telling me about this wonderful journal.

     Submission mailed: 6 July 2007
     E-mail reply: 7 August 2007

Poet Lore accepted a salvaged poem from the dead-and-obsolete-Scrying-Sand mss, To sweat in their Fall 2007 issue.

Have to admit that I did a happy dance while reading their acceptance letter on the way to one of the —uh— many parties we've had to attend this August.

     Submission mailed: 30 May 2007
     Reply received: 10 August 2007

Recent publications:

• My poem, Heritage and the Gorilla Suit is now up in the Summer 2007 issue (#6) of Tipton Poetry Journal. Really pleased to see so many familiar names, particularly that of fellow bloggers, Cheryl Snell, James Owens and Sandy Sue Benitez.

• Three poems: A Driving Instructor's First Copy of Jane Eyre, A Daughter Named Cialis and Portrait of What's-Her-Name's Husband as Loose Change — are also up in Issue 11 of Ghoti Magazine.

What has kept A from blogging:

• Laughing exhaustion due to watching too many reruns of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

• Sleep.

• Drink.

• Parties.

• Getting over hangover(s).

• Eating and cursing unseeded watermelons.

• Listening to Charlotte Martin while doing housework. A is tickled pink at discovering the Simlish version of Beautiful Life (University EP).

• Morbid dread of having to go back to 30:30. [A is so rusty she fears catching tetanus from herself.]

• Limping from a skinned-and-bruised knee (left) because of a fall caused by a %#&@*?$!!! sudden depression on a sidewalk in Tambre, Italy. Not due to drunkenness, of course... according to the official report.

• And recently, putting together the September issue of Press 1.