Sunday, May 24, 2009

The dead has risen...

... and it is drinking. It has recently been quoted to say: Just being alive should make you late for everything. In case you've never noticed, the dead are always on time.

Time, including the passage of, is all in the mind of strange moving creatures. Hence, since the last blog entry, no time has passed at all and there is no need to feel sheepish and hide under the table.

As Nabokov (dead) would put it: I confess I do not believe in time.

Currently logged in the Event Museum:

• The May-August 2009 issue of Press 1 is now up with fab poetry and fiction from CL Bledsoe, Ken Cenicola, Holly Day, Daniela Elza, John Grey, Christine Hamm, Kate Irving, Miriam N. Kotzin, Lynn Levin, Sean Lovelace, Clare L. Martin, Matthew Salesses, Paul Siegell and Ann Walters. The spectacular artwork is courtesy of Mario S├ínchez Nevado.

• Have finally retired the G4 and gotten a 24-inch iMac. All I can say is that there's nothing like "the" Mac experience... oftentimes compared to dying and going to heaven.

• It's now official: I have two poems, Alopecia and the grizzly bear and I'm Not Supposed to Wear This Gorilla Costume in Best of the Web 2009 (Dzanc Books), slated for publication on July 2009. Fellow contributors include: Waqar Ahmed, Michael Baker, Marcelo Ballve, Marge Barrett, Carmelinda Blagg, Benjamin Buchholz, Blake Butler, Jimmy Chen, Amy L. Clark, Amber Cook, Bill Cook, Michael Czyzniejewski, Darlin’ Neal, Matthew Derby, Ryan Dilbert, Stephen Dixon, Alex Dumont, Claudia Emerson, D.A. Feinfeld, Marcela Fuentes, M. Thomas Gammarino, Cassandra Garbus, Molly Gaudry, Anne Germanacos, Matt Getty, Todd Hasak-Lowy, Karen Heuler, Ash Hibbert, Philip Holden, Roy Kesey, Hari Bhajan Khalsa, Tricia Louvar, Peter Markus, Michael Martone, Heather Killelea McEntarfer, Lindsay Merbaum, Corey Mesler, Laura Mullen, Joseph Olschner, Jeff Parker, Elise Paschen, Elizabeth Penrose, Kate Petersen, Glen Pourciau, Sam Rasnake, Jonathan Rice, Tom Sheehan, Claudia Smith, Lynn Strongin, Terese Svoboda, Jon Thompson, Davide Trame, Donna D. Vitucci, Helen Wickes, Kathrine Leone Wright, and Jordan Zinovich.

• Have cloned myself on Facebook — for the gaming purposes — and have begun to exist as my clone 95% of the time. At some point, I removed my clone from my friends list because of her insistent game invites. It's sad, but true: I'm longer FB friends with myself.

Having multiple FB identities is probably the modern way to experience split personalities since only one consciousness (per browser) can be dominant at a time. Hee. It's a rather confusing experience.

• Last Friday the potato chips and nuts that my sister mailed me on 11 December 2008 finally arrived. The box had the seal of the Deparment of Health... as if to say this could be swine flu. The customs people even made me sign a month ago that I will be held responsible in case of an epidemic or something. Hee!

Acceptances, from most recent to oldies:

Pen Pusher Magazine accepted a poem, Drive-Thru Hazards.

     Submission sent: 9 April 2009
     Reply date: 20 May 2009

Incidentally, they have launched a poetry competition (no fees attached) with the Latitude Festival 2009. First prize includes a chance to read on the New Voices stage in the prestigious poetry tent at Latitude. Goal is to write a poem about where you live. More info at their website.

Thieves Jargon plans to publish the cheeky poem, A Driving Instructor's First Experience with a Tango Teacher in an upcoming issue.

     Submission mailed: 13 April 2009
     E-mail reply: 9 May 2009

• Thanks to Liz for mailing me a gorgeous copy of The Stinging Fly, I decided to send them some work myself. They accepted two poems for publication in a future issue: Apple, Pear and the Body Running Through Them and Suffocation Prelude (sonnet).

They're currently closed to submissions now and will be open again from January 1st to March 31st.

     Submission mailed: 19 January 2009
     E-mail reply: 1 May 2009

Weave Magazine — a literary print publication and organization based out of Pittsburgh — accepted a poem, Feeding the Husband for a future issue. Payment is one copy. Very quick response time, too!

     Submission sent: 21 April 2009
     Reply date: 29 April 2009

DIAGRAM accepted a prose poem inspired by the James Castle exhibit in Philly, Unidentified dark object (with shoelace) for an upcoming issue.

     Submission sent: 31 March 2009
     Reply date: 29 April 2009

Holly Rose Review accepted a poem, Things She Told the Rooster Before It Became Glass for the Passion issue (#2, June 2009).

     Submission sent: 9 April 2009
     Reply date: 11 April 2009

Oranges & Sardines accepted three poems: The Girl in the Bathtub, Ownership, and Disconnection for an upcoming issue.

     Submission sent: 9 January 2009
     Reply date: 12 April 2009

Arch Literary Journal accepted two poems, April Morning and Sunday for their Winter 2010 issue.

This is a lovely 'zine with fantastic poetry. And quite new, too. They're currently only their second issue... but it's fast becoming a favorite.

     Submission sent: 7 December 2008
     Reply date: 17 March 2009

Inertia Magazine, a literary journal based in NYC, accepted Roadside Motel for their Issue #7, slated for release in July 2009.

     Submission sent: 4 February 2009
     Reply date: 9 April 2009

Caketrain accepted a longish poem, Self-Portrait in Green Dress for Issue 07, tentatively slated for publication in late 2009. Yay!

     Submission sent: 9 January 2009
     Reply date: 8 April 2009

Boxcar Poetry Review accepted a poem, Living Without Water for an upcoming issue.

     Submission sent: 23 November 2008
     Reply date: 19 March 2009

• Found out last April that my prose poem, Family was accepted for a future issue of Drunken Boat. Never thought I'd live to see the day... plus anything with the letters d-r-u-n-k in it makes my cuppa poison.

The downside is they can't seem to send me an e-mail. Have changed twice now and they've sent the acceptance e-mail twice, but nothing. They seem to have fairly quick response times... my advice is to just check your submission regularly on their database manager in case this should happen with your e-mail addy, too.

     Submission sent: 19 December 2008
     Reply date: 27 February 2009 (DB records)

Publications, from recent to oldish:

• The Spring 2009 (volume 2 number 3) issue of diode is up with poetry by Adonis (trans. Khaled Mattawa), Neil Aitken, Michelle Bitting, Jason Bredle, Travis Brown, Brooklyn Copeland, Mark Cunningham, Patrick Donnelly, Kate Durbin, Anne Haines, Catherine Jagoe, Karyna McGlynn, Keith Montesano, Miguel Murphy, darlene anita scott, Nate Slawson, Sally Van Doren and a pair of elbows interpretating the afterlife.

     Submission sent: 26 January 2009
     Reply date: 7 March 2009

• Have six poems in the Fantasies issue of Succour — which went out on 11 May 2009. It's one of the print journals I've discovered through Facebook via friends of friends of friends. FB does have its neat uses. Poems list:

» The Self in the Mirror is a Test
» Please Meet My Nails
» I'm Only as Half-Drunk as You Think I Am
» twelve: crackle (from approximative translations)
» The dog in the rearview mirror
» What the postwoman can't fight

     Submission sent: 16 February 2009
     Reply date: 28 March 2009

• The Summer 2009 issue of Rattle is out! People have been writing me to say, but — again — I still haven't gotten my copies. Will keep my fingers crossed that they get here before Christmas. My poem, Tonsillitis is in there aching.

They've also got a call for subs on Sonnets for the Winter 2009 issue. So get those da-DUM da-DUM nuts cracking.

• My first published flash, The Dreaming Lake came out in the March-April 2009 issue of Oak Ben Review.

qarrsiluni published some poems and fiction that I co-wrote with Valerie:

» Jennie, or How Things Go Down in The Yankee Doodle (24 April 2009, fiction)
» Visions of Lamb Cooked in Slight Brine (8 April 2009, poem)
» Little Boys and Snips of Donkey Tails (20 March 2009, fiction)
» We Wrote a Letter to Jesus and He Told Us To Buy a New Car (5 March 2009, poem)

• An oldish poem, Memento Mori made it into the 20th issue of Blue Print Review: The Missing (hehe) Part.

     Submission sent: 2 April 2009
     Reply date: 6 April 2009