Thursday, December 29, 2005

Have now officially begun reading...

for the PNG Erotic Supplement. The list is still quite long and I'm stopping today at 9 November 2005 submissions.

Thought I'd start early since come January I'll be judging the winter poetry contest at Desert Moon Review.

What I did between yesterday and tonight:

• Finished reading the PNG Italian submissions
• Prepared the new PNG Italian issue layout and graphics
• Untangled the large knots that had accumulated in my hair since Christmas eve
• Made myself some horrible-tasting green tea
• Rounded up Marginalia poets for the PNG English Jan-Feb issue

The last one took me all afternoon -- had to read months and months of daily poetry at the House of Thirty.

In short, I am preeningly pleased with myself and begin to think that I *do* deserve to show off my paunch at parties.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Webpage transferred and updated

Yay! Have left the Goobertree site for good and can now be found at:

I couldn't access the FTP server anymore and was VERY displeased with the iPowerweb support team who weren't bothering to read my e-mails: they merely scanned for keywords, like "FTP" or "subdomain" and then copied-and-pasted their replies from the help manual when my problem had to do with a login problem -- which, I assumed, was changed while I was away and needed to be reset. DUH!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!
We ate and drank with gusto near the fireplace (not ours).

House-cleaning has been suspended for the holidays... as well as the daily one-hour treadmill marathon I promised I'd do in order to fit into my slinky New Year's Eve gown -- but, as my tender husband consoled me,

By then, everyone will be too drunk to notice your paunch, honey. HAH!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Update on laziness and acceptances

Have finished revising my AVE poems... finally! That is, until I get more input about what to change, omit, etc. (New Year's resolution #2: join a critique workshop -- seriously).

Received recent acceptances from the following 'zines:

PomPom (Issue 6)
PulpBits (2006 Anthology)
Poetry Ireland Review

Just got the Poetry Ireland e-mail tonight -- such a big surprise! I sent six poems last August and despaired about ever hearing from them. Have been pestering them with subs since... ahem, five years ago. Maybe seven. More or less regularly. So, persistence *does* pay. Especially when accompanied by fake lashes.

Also, the Orbis editor, who's been so nice in her comments, has decided to keep one of the last poems I wrote in November to be "considered for publication" in a future issue... which is good, I think.

Have also received my copies of Rattle #24. Wooohooo! It's such a treat to read.

I think I forgot to mention in my pre-New Year resolutions that I also need to get my Christmas shopping done. Hah! Only 6 more days to go. Should I panic? Naaaaah.... I am, so far, calm and collected (stamplike).

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Back from the dead (again)...

and trying not to panic at the load of unreplied e-mails in my Inbox. Haven't yet begun reading for the NG erotic supplement... though the submissions are looking nicely stacked.

Pre-NewYear resolutions:

• Finish the AVE poetry book with Valerie
• Hang my dad's mega-sized paintings in the living room
• Wrap up the January issue of the Italian NG on time (hah!)
• Answer most, if not all, the e-mails in my Inbox
• Update my website publication lists and links
• Will not be lazy... will not, will not!
• Will drink green tea to stay awake
• Will not invite the cleaning lady to come on the preconception that I can clean up after myself, my husband, the singing mini-Christmas tree and our dust spiders.

So there!