Monday, November 07, 2005

IBPC, Arabesque Review, call for subs, etc.

Heh! Thanks to Jude, I got the first whiff about my poem, Doing Time placing 3rd in the October 2005 IBPC. Wooohooo!! Never expected that... after around three years of being nominated more or less regularly I sort of lost hope. Hee.

Three poems, with rather messed up line breaks, are up in the Arabesques Review:

• At random
• The 30th Secret Love Poem
• Crumbled leaves

And it's now official: I am editing the February 2006 Erotic Supplement of Poems Niederngasse. Here's the cheeky call for subs:

Niederngasse turns up the heat this February!

The focus of our supplementary issue is erotic poetry: the sensual, the provocative, the intriguing. There are no limits when it comes to literary forms, sexual positions or gender preferences.

Submit up to 3 poems to:

Deadline: January 15 (with replies on or before January 25).

As further invitation, guest editor, Arlene Ang whispers steamily: "Darlings, make my hands sweat to cuff your works to the PNG bedposts!"

Lynn Levin's lovely review of my book is also up in the current issue of Niederngasse.

Had begun my PD4P round and quickly dropped out: I came, I wrote, I sucked. Pooh. Very distracted -- by niece, by knitting, by grass-cutting and by cleaning the infected ears of my two German Shepherds.