Saturday, August 06, 2005

That's it--I give up!

With two birthday parties this weekend and less than a week to pack for the Lago di Como trip, I just can't concentrate enough to talk to percolators and ingratiating female mustaches, and then write about it. Plus, my website and Valerie's need to be updated.

It's also about time I spend quality time with my hubby who's on vacation at home....
Which, of course, comes after shamelessly brushing and rebrushing my Barbie's hair. I know, I know--at my age!

But if Chuck said, and I quote:
    Age is good. Experience.
    Paunch is better. Substantial.

Then it goes to follow that:

    Barbie doll is good. Acceptance of infantile behavior.
    Nylon hair is better. Significant communion with one's Id.

I'm very tempted to use the hot curling iron... not sure if that's a good idea though. Hmmm.

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