Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Acceptance notes from three candles and Smiths Knoll

YAY! Received two acceptance notes from two great journals these last couple of days:

three candles is taking two poems: There is very little left and The Cloud Goddess Recalls a Paper Boat


Smiths Knoll, a UK-based print magazine (and paying market), will be publishing Seasonal Craving and quite possibly The 24th Secret Love Poem.

Spent the day working on V's website today... and cursing pointedly at faulty javascript commands. But it's looking goooood!
Her essay, Kodaikanal, Annotated is a hilarious dictionary-type account of her trip to India. Very original!
Interviews with Leonard Gontarek and Marilyn Chin as well as our collaborative poems from Bundles of Letters, Including A, V and Epsilon (tentative book title) are up!

Lazed around yesterday looking for Blueline emoticons and avatars to upload on the site when I found this:

and have been ever since. Teehee.

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