Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas shopping

Yay! The husband and I got it all done this morning — we were pretty desperate and everything looked good. At least, we insisted they were good. Like whosis when he/she created the world.

30:30 update:

Still there... though a lot of times I've considered dropping out and taking a nice looooooooong holiday. But, as the husband would say, I am perennially on vacation.

Poems list to date (round VI) —

11. Envy Made Me Shave Body Parts
12. Portrait of Anselma and Marianne as Minor Saints
13. Please Meet My Navel
14. Aftermath [sonnenizio on a line from Ros Barber]
15. Please Don't Put Dinosaurs in My Poem
16. My SimCity Llama Has a Cold
17. Taste
18. Plate VI: Black Ink on White
     (re-titled: The Bomb Explodes and the Faces of People
     I Know Are Blown Apart)
19. Breakage [sonnenizio on a line from Jean Cassou]
20. The Body at Rest

First night photo:

We attended the 20th wedding anniversary of some friends near Venice. This is a nightview of the Ponte della Libertà (Bridge of Liberty) taken with an exposure time of 6 seconds.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

21 Stars, Flutter, and a Dead Horse

Blah. I'm running shamelessly late — with e-mail and also blog-wise... haven't yet done my blog-rounds yet. Eek. Suffering some really bad muse days — which means I waste more than half the day bursting my poor brain, pustule-like, for ink.

The amount of mail has been rather —uh— overwhelming, too.

Recent publication:

• The December 2006 issue of Nthposition is now online with poems by Elizabeth Kirschner, Tim Liardet, Dave Lordan, Len Sousa, Rufo Quintavalle, Ryk Mcintyre, Wayne Smith, Marlene Rosen and Carol Jenkins. The weed has four poems here —
On tiles
All perfectly abandoned
About your parrot
A driving student restarts the car
So-called weed is particularly happy that the parrot it stole has found a home. A weed, as everyone knows, can love a parrot like its first drink of the day.

Recent rejection/acceptances:

• Since people might be interested in the response time, Poetry London sent a form letter apology. This is a market that's like way over my drinking experience and grocery list — but it never hurts to try.

      Postmarked date: 4 August 2006
      Date received: 16 December 2006

• Tickled pinkish that 21 Stars Review wants my Dear Dog/God— poem in their 4th issue. Just gotta love this 'zine! Delicious mix of the bizarre, quirky, raving mad and serious. I'm blissful that my letter has found its place with them.

      Submission date: 20 November 2006
      Reply date: 14 December 2006

Flutter accepted three poems for the January 2007 issue: Two Days After Epiphany, Answers to questions and In The Underground. Neat 'zine this — lovely poetry and an announcements page where you can send news of your latest book/chapbook.

      Submission date: 5 December 2006
      Reply date: 14 December 2006

• A bit of mixed news here. Good news is that Dead Horse Review (don't you just *love* that name?) wants my poem, A Driving Student Reconstructs the Three-Point Turn for their third issue. Bad news is that it will be their last. Boooohooo! I just enjoy this 'zine like a swimming pool and am rather sad it's going on hiatus. Here's to hoping it won't be for a long time.

      Submission date: 25 October 2006
      Reply date: 17 December 2006

Based on their website, they seem to be still accepting work. I think it was this submission note that I found so irresistible:
Kindly title your email "submission" and the response e-mail will most probably be titled "dominance."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Magma, Eclectica, BluePrintReview, Feathertale et al.

Yikes. Things seem to be moving fast... the winter issues of the following 'zines have gone online:

Feathertale updated its poetry section yesterday which includes my Supermarket Tabloid Sestina Challenge poem, Headlines Sestina.

BluePrintReview has published my poem, Probe in their 9th issue — I owe the line breaks to the wonderful editor, Doro.

      Submission date: 28 November 2006
      Reply date: 4 December 2006

• My review of Valerie Fox's book, The Rorschach Factory (Straw Gate Books, 2006) is now up in the Winter 2006-07 issue of Per Contra.

Recent acceptances:

• I'm delighted to share that Magma will be publishing my two poems: Tusk and A Day, Perhaps, Like No Other in their 37th issue, due out in March 2007.

It's my third attempt with this neat UK-based print journal, so I was quite thrilled to have finally gotten a thumbs up for a change. Their next issue theme is Isolation — deadline sometime around February. Do check them out!

      Submission date: 3 September 2006
      Reply date: 10 December 2006

• I'll be appearing for the —erm— 10th time in Eclectica (Jan-Feb 2007). The poetry editor has accepted two poems: Caregiver and Sonnenizio on a Line from Wendy Cope (yes, *that* one about the abusive myna bird called Sharon who drank like a sponge).

      Submission date: 26 November 2006
      Reply date: 12 December 2006

Morning light:

Woke up early this morning to take some pictures in the park some blocks down the road. Our teacher said between 8 - 10 am are the best possible hours for taking good shots. Then it's all downhill from then on. Like with my driving, I still have no idea what the hell I'm doing and what all those little numbers on my camera are for.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Six Little Things and Envoi

Just wanted to send a to everyone who sent their condolences. Have pulled myself together and resumed Count Olaf's villainous laugh for personal purposes.

Recent acceptances:

• The Six Little Things editor has accepted my poem, tiny, tiny foreign objects for the —ta-dah!— tiny tiny objects issue due online on 21 December. Really thrilled by this because I've never considered myself a prose poem writer and it's a gorgeous 'zine — I went through the archives like forest fire.

      Submission date: 9 November 2006
      Reply date: 5 December 2006

• Just discovered the other day that Envoi has changed hands and is now under Cinnamon Press. This is a great UK-based print journal and what's even greater is that they are now accepting e-mail submissions! That alone made me sip some wine before dinner. Hic.

The editor, Jan Fortune-Wood — who happens to be the Coffee House Poetry editor, too — said really nice things about my poems a year ago... so on a hunch I sent her some stuff last night and she replied in less than 24 hours that my poems:

— Georgia O'Keeffe on My Lips
— Sonnenizio on a Line from Vernon Scannell
— Surviving Grandfather
— Stargazing and Rhinestones

will be in Issue 147. WOW! I've been so blown away that I had to hang on to —erm— the bottle for support. Giggle glad rags and geese.

      Submission date: 9 December 2006
      Reply date: 10 December 2006

30:30 update:

Still hanging in there. Just dangling. Perhaps even sagging, bankrupt-wise.

Poems list to date —

1. A Photography Student Interrupts a Mosquito
2. In the Garden [sonnenizio on a line from Sarah Law]
3. How Did Her Garden Grow
4. Eve
5. Georgia O'Keeffe on My Lips
6. Open House [sonnenizio on a line from Sarah Law]
7. In Memoriam [sonnenizio on a line from Jarman]
8. Cordon Bleu
9. Superman Was a White-Collar Worker
10. And God Said Let There Be Economy Class Passengers—

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bye-bye Ginger

My mom called this morning to say that my darling Ginger passed away. After four days of struggle, the vet finally put her to sleep. There wasn't anything really wrong with her except for old age — she stopped eating and just laid herself to rest. She was 11 years old.

Really hate not being there to cuddle with her one last time. Have put together a few photos from the good old days to cheer me up.

Here she is at 3 months — with her favorite floor mats, which also doubled as urinals. Being in charge of her toilet-training, I kept it our secret.

This is one of my favorite pics — her "wanna play?" look just disarms me.

This was taken exactly 9 years before yesterday... with her puppies only two weeks old. Because of a blood infection, she couldn't breastfeed them and the whole family took turns in bottle-feeding them every two-three hours. She was rather apprehensive and I tried to make sure she spent some time with her pups — despite the vet's advice.

Wheeeeee! It's our wedding day! She saw me clowning around in my sis-in-law's bridal gown and decided to join the fun. Being drunk on champagne, I said I do, of course.

Here she is in a photo taken from last year. Bye-bye, baby!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Poems in flashquake

The Winter 2006-2007 issue of flashquake is now up — with poetry by Lisa M. Bradley, Peg Duthie, Tomika Fisher (editor's pick), Ily Goldfinger (editor's pick), Meridith Gresher, Jaime Voss, Mary E. Whitsell and someone better known for stealing buckets and adopting villainous laughter instead of children.
Two poems here: Why Do I Show My Body? and Pianoforte

Have discovered that the whole issue #68 of The Frogmore Papers has been made available online. Really thrilled by this because — well, print magazines do have their limitations. Lots of poetry (mine included, with someone else's typo on my title) but more importantly, Matthew Shoard's ticklish flash, Lindsay Shits can now be savored wholly and not as an excerpt.

Crummiest beginner's shot ever:

Friday, December 01, 2006

Finished round V in 30:30

Yay! Round V is over and I'll be starting round VI today.

Have gotten more or less into the hang of writing every day again. I rather equate it with walking the dog... the dog [god] likes it and I benefit from the exercise. Some days I'd have preferred to play with my Sims 2 Pets, other days I'd have wished I owned a fast wagon so I can throw the dog [god] off it. The rest of the time, I'm just grateful to be walking the slobbery dog [god] and for the sun/rain/pigeon droppings on my shoulders.

Poems list to date —

19. Plate II: Black and Red Ink on White
20. Plate I: Black Ink on White
21. Sonnenizio on a Line from Wendy Cope
22. After the Fire
23. Paul of the Wrong Number
24. Self-Portrait with Stolen Wristwatch
25. Sonnenizio on a Line from Sarah Law
26. Plate III: Black and Red Ink on White
27. So What If You Love Your Migraine Like a Second Coming
28. Plate IV: Black Ink on White
29. The Macro Lens Feeds, in Part, on Human Skin
30. Sonnenizio on a Line from Vernon Scannell

The drinks are on me, literally:

Found out a few days ago that I've become Feathertale's Supermarket Tabloid Sestina Challenge Queen. Tee hee tweet tweet! I'm so thrilled a moving rollercoaster ride looks cheap and drab beside me! I'm jumping so high that I can feel the buttocks of angels on my head! Ha ha hardhat and panty holes!

Headlines Sestina was, naturally, first drafted in 30:30

That said, here are the boring details —

      Submission date: 29 September 2006
      Acceptance date: 3 November 2006
      Winning notification: 28 November 2006

On average, they've got a one-month response time. Have already bounced back twice with prose, so thought it was time I tried with a gunfire of poetry. My fiction-writing skills suck. Boo hoo hoodlum!

Count Olaf after The Grim Grotto:

For some strange reason, Lemony Snicket (the author) stripped Count Olaf of his award-wheezing villainous laugh in The Penultimate Peril (Book the 12th). The story of the Baudelaire orphans is sad... but I felt this loss as if the anvil tied to my braids fell and killed off my pretty pink toenails. Because of the author's lack of interest in further propagating villainous laughter [which, according to the 2 o'clock news, prevents winter flu], I've no choice but to cackle Count Olaf's evil laugh in the middle of Christmas shopping mobs and fellow poet bloggers' blogs. Bwuaaahaaaa epidemic!