Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just playing around today

Taking a day off from writing... wheeeeee! Thought I'd start this day by being silly and playing with my niece. I've always dreamt of heaven as leopard-spotted. Hee.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Book now available...


The Desecration of Doves

Have decided to retrace most of my 1995-2002 publication credits. They're now online and only the 2003 page is missing. Have also uploaded the photo gallery page with some landscape images from European trips.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Featured in El Financiero (Mexico)!

Lillian van den Broeck has translated my poems for the 21 July 2005 issue of El Financiero en linea (under the Cultural section, registration is necessary to access it).

I've also got a poem up in Scorched Earth Publications: Back From the Amazon

Doing a lot of other exciting things these past few days... one of them a collaboration with Valerie Fox to collect our list poems since we both like talking to inanimate objects (imaginary and not-- which do not necessarily mean our husbands) and long silly titles (the longer the better--not phallic envy again, I hope; will have to consult Freud's ectoplasm on this, of course).

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Three poems in Triplopia...

went online today:

Triplopia: Volume IV, Issue 3, Noise
Crossing Over the Straight Aisle
Saturday Night Static

Rather out of sorts these past few days. Sigh. Have recently stooped to talking to censor bleeps, contact lenses, insect larva... and oh, the fabled glass slipper. Ho-hum.

Downloaded my marketing guidebook and accesories for "The Desecration of Doves" this morning. Kewl! It's current status is: Printer Setup in Progress. Can't wait to get my copies.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


My Benjamin Franklin from the Defenestration sonnet contest arrived today. The official declaration was I would use my winnings on an archeological dig devoted to finding The Man With The Yellow Hat's bones. Of course, people know me better: the main purpose of my life is to make the Electronic Arts Inc people get rich... very rich and faaaast.

Something else to yay at: I guessed the Perigee quote contest and got a free e-mail address ( The eerie thing is actually works! Hee. Sometimes it sure pays to know Shakespeare.... **patting myself on the back and preening wildly**

Friday, July 15, 2005

Have uploaded the 2004...

publication credits on my site. And also the 1998-2002 ones--which I haven't bothered to link to the poems... which were pretty bad anyway, considering the years. Hee.

Three poems in the Summer issue of Wicked Alice are up:

Crimson Down the Gutter
The End to Summer Shaving
In San Marino with A Man

Jayne Pupek also has a fabulous poem (Forms of Intersession) in this wonderful issue. Love Kristy's cover artwork, too!

Brain not feeling terribly social today... just preoccupied with what to put in the green salad. Woke up quite early today--only 5 hours of sleep. Duh. I must be seriously getting O-L-D. Here are some wise words from Chuck Levenstein who I scolded for looking at pretty ice cream vendors at his AGE:

Age is good. Experience.
Paunch is better. Substantial.
Ellen on her good days thinks I'm adorable.
But where is the ice cream person?

Obviously he doesn't suffer from lactose intolerance. Hee.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Been very good today....

Woke up early, turned on the washing machine, ironed. Hee. Yesterday I re-submitted the final proofs of my book to the publisher. Yuk. Too much work. I miss my Sims and posing as Shogun Tofugawa of the Salsiccians in Civ III. Sigh.

Discovered a wonderful poetess today -- thanks to Jude: Ruth L Schwartz

I'm off to commune with the foul odor in the kitchen today. Hah!