Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back to the salt mines

Liz was kind enough to hold a warm seat for me at the darkest end of the 30:30 tunnel. One of the things I rather dislike about starting again is seeing the rust fall off me. Though I can't really complain since for 10 whole days I shamelessly rotted my brain on video games.

Recent publications:

Lah-dee-dah!!! The autumn 2006 issue of Liminal Pleasures is now online! It's a print journal so I'm really thrilled that the editor decided to make the whole issue available over the internet. Doing a thrice-split personality dance:

Quite eclectic tastes, too — with poetry by David Berridge, Martin Burke, Srinjay Chakravarti, Mark Goodwin, Peter Hughes, Rupert Loydell, Peter Philpott, Christopher Rose, Davide Trame, Theodore Worozbyt and yours truly. I never thought I'd even find a single place for the whole Planchette Interpretation: A Short Guide to Reading Letters from the Dead series. Submitted only a few letters, but the editor asked to see the whole thing and yay! the rest is history. Was reading the stuff yesterday just to check for typos... when I told myself: Yikes, whoever wrote this must've some screws loose. It's weird. Damn weird.

Hee. As if to prove that I'm really mad, I have 6 poems in Issue 6 of Mad Hatters' Review.

They're currently accepting work from October 16 through October 29. So, get your act together and send out your peace/peas.

Driving update:

HAH!! Drove for a whole hour this morning and you, my dears, are now looking at the next rising star of Formula One. **preening wildly**

Teehee. I didn't run over anyone or anything. And the in-law's car is still all in one piece. It's a miracle!!

Even the husband admitted grudgingly that I am a very prudent driver. And no, I didn't threaten to snap off all his toenails to say that in public. Really. You know I'd never do anything like that.


michi said...

congrats, archie, you are everywhere these days! :)


Liz said...

Just read your work in Liminal Pleasures Arlene....what a feast ... loved them! Congrats on being everywhere :)


Arlene said...

thanks, mary. you make me sound like a weed. tsk.

thanks for reading, liz!


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations, Arlene!! You're just a poetry-writing, super-published driver these days. Now quite pulling me back into that evil poem-a-day deal, will ya? I mean, how could I resist when I know you're going to be there!