Saturday, September 30, 2006

One more day of freedom...

and then it's back to the salt mines (30:30). Not even sure if I can finish this round with the TPM deadline... and my Friday the 13th driving exam hanging sword-like over the head. But I figure it's better than biting my hair and twirling my nails while I stare deeply into worry.

TPM update:

The first batch of submission replies has begun to trickle out. Am scheduled to send out a batch of 5 acceptances every week until the 14th. The multiple selves, namely Ellen, Angela, Anne and (H)arlem have been arguing and fighting endlessly over which poems to include and why. They actually pose very good reasons... which makes them rather scary and threatening in a way, especially once they start going after each other's blood.

Because of my rather anal personality, I counted the amount of poets whose works I've read to date: 332. Since each sends an average of 4 poems in a submission, 1328 would a rough total of the poems I've read so far. Not really a huge amount, but choosing 15 poems out of 1328 gives TPM a 1% acceptance rate. Yikes. And it's not over yet.

Recent acceptance:

Fringe accepted three poems (all, incidentally, from my 2nd 30:30 round):

rest : stop
through blinds
That time my upper lip swelled up

for their November 2006 issue. I'm super pre-Halloween hoppy because this 'zine is such a delight to read.

     Submission date: 12 August 2006
     Reply date: 28 September 2006

Driving update:

Went through my 19th and 20th driving lessons like a pro —erm— killer. Blah. I really have the sinking feeling that I won't pass the damn exam. Have been hoping the instructor would change the date, but he says I can do it. Pooh. The cheeky fella even added: "Don't worry. I have faith in your driving. Look, I'm so relaxed now. I can even close my eyes... to the danger."

Didn't know whether to teehee or kick him on the shin. Hee. I did hit him accidentally on the head yesterday while putting my backpack on the backseat. He went: "You really *are* dangerous!"

I had the grace to give a modest snicker. Revenge, finally!

Am scheduled for three more lessons next week... still having trouble taking roundabouts and busy intersections. Thing is I get claustrophobic when surrounded by other cars and the poor brain goes into system crash. Tomorrow I have a practice scheduled with the husband. I will not forget to bring a strong adhesive tape this time.


Liz said...

Arlene, your driving ordeal sounds so like mine...I resorted to lots of Bach's rescue remedy in my bottle of water to keep me calm...I failed 3 times though and blamed the blistering noon sunshine, I passed on a grey skied Irish day and have always held the sub-tropical skies responsible for my 3 failures :)

I'll hold down a spot for you in the chain-gang at the salt mines of 30:30 :)...looking forward to seeing you there.

Congrats on the new pubs, I remember those poems.

Oh and TPM selecting sure sounds tricky and wild.


Anne Bauer said...

I remember learning how to drive, some years past the time when my peers were overconfidently piloting vehicles down the road. I failed my road test the first time and my little sister had to come and pick me up. And being on a bridge with lots of other cars made me ill for a long time. I had to slow down, which made the drivers behind me angry, but I figured it was the only way to get me off the bridge. Anyway, good luck. And thanks for reading all those poems and creating another place where good work can find a home.

Arlene said...

thanks for the driving encouragement, liz. luv ya!!! failing 3 times is *great* — really makes me feel relieved, as in "very normal female homo sapiens" and no longer the village —erm— idiot. yay! my sis-in-law only had 10 lessons and she passed the test on the first try while i'm on my 20th and still a mess. it's also true that she never drove ever again after getting her license. hee.

lovely to see you here, anne. yay! another one who didn't pass on the first try. i know what you mean about drivers being angry when you slow down. italians are particularly impatient. eek. thanks for the good vibes!! i'm stacking up for the "big" day!


michi said...

i did pass the first time, but i have not driven since. well, once. blame it all on my father. let me just say this much: i understand how the jabjabjabbing can drive (!) you insane. and then i drove an automatic car one more time, in death valley, appropriately enough. that went well though, and the name of the place does not derive from that time, thanks very much. *G*

boy oh boy, that sounds like a lot poetry to go through, aspirine! wow. almost glad i did not submit.

congrats on the acceptance.

see you on board the galley!

m x

Anonymous said...

Remember your promise to me, A... and do it... if you know what I mean...

Congrats, on the acceptences, by the way...