Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Have been ogling at this cutish alien since last night. It just tickles me silly every time he grabs his eye to look at me and sings himself purple to Bill Wither's Lovely Day.

Am celebrating a day's rest from 30:30. Finished my fourth round last night with the following poems —

24. Fishing dead bodies in water
25. 27 Minutes Before a Blind Date
26. The House of Love
27. Black Ink on White #4
28. fortitude: a reportage
29. The dog in the rearview mirror
30. Driving: A Case Study

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween. I'm dressed as myself, of course. And dancing around with scissors because:

• We've got a new cd/mp3/dvd player. At last. Yay! The old one appeared to be Billy Joel's #1 fan and refused to play other cds for well over a year. As much as I love his music, there comes a point in one's life when —er— enough's enough.

• The husband has brought home two kilos of these small buggers for me to cook, cut and trim with my trusty cuticle scissors for tonight. Have never figured out what they're called in English.

In Italian, they're canocchie. Canocce, in the Venetian dialect. The bigger version, found in Manila, is called sea mantis on the menu... but I'm not sure if that's correct. Hmmmmm.... Any ideas out there?


SarahJane said...

drapery tassels?
crustaceous seaworms with fringy behinds? over-microwaved weisswurst?
scrofulous chinese handcuffs?

michi said...

crustaceous seaworms with fringy behinds?

definitely that, sarah. *LOL*

and attic - happy halloween from one witch to another.


ps: ksxmdozi = cancel sex, i'm dozy!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Yikes! I have no idea what those are, but I'd probably run screaming if I saw one in person. Congratulations on finishing another 30/30 round!

Liz said...

Oh love the alien and his tapping foot : )

Arlene, Bravisímo on your 4th 30:30.

I think they could be king prawns even though in the photo they look more suspect :)


michi said...

i had another look at them.
i don't think they are meant for eating.
i think they are related to that blue alien with the pop-out eyes.

and they are called pjeospqs.


michi said...

doing research for a poem, i came across a picture of those horrid-looking creatures, and it says they are called "mantis shrimp".

m aka jnjljxi