Sunday, October 08, 2006

Have caught a bug from someone...

and had a rather infernal Saturday night. Still rather half-fluish today, but feeling much better... especially after driving the porcelain bus at seven in the morning. [background music: Porcelain, Red Hot Chili Peppers]

Some contagion suspects would the husband and the driving instructor. But my suspicions really lie on Mental. After all, she's always infected with something and did ask — publicly — for my hand in bigamy. And I had the impulsive honor to say "I do."

Of course, it's already trigamy for me. I have a somewhat vague memory of having married my Mr-Lonely dog, Ginger after getting dead drunk at my brother's wedding two years ago. The blackmailer even managed to take pictures of me, wearing his wife's bridal gown... with Ginger stepping, like a proud groom, on the elaborate train.

At any rate... this, of course, leads to —

The wedding announcement:

Meatball and Anchovies would like to request the pressure of your company at their holy mileage on Friday, the 13th of October at 30:30, the local LA (Length Anonymous) bar.

Guests are asked to show their buckets and long candles at the entrance. Only those who come in birthday suits will be entertained.

Recent acceptance:

elimae accepted two poems for their October 2006 issue.

Black Ink On White #2

We negotiated a bit on the second poem... it was previously called The night before, but we pushed and chopped it around until it became History. Hee.

Thanks to Cheryl for the link to this terrific 'zine. I've been going through their archives like a happy forest fire.

Very fast response times, too! And the editor is wonderful, very professional... he sort of avoided addressing me by name but broke down at the second e-mail and called me Angela. I mentally went: then and finally

     Submission date: 6 October 2006
     Reply date: 6 October 2006

Driving update:

Drove again on my own today and survived!!

Even had to courtesy to let pedestrians pass (I actually saw them! Yay!)... I did stay off the busy streets and huge roundabouts though, but I'm still recuperating from the faux flu (the news here calls it that) and I'll blow beerlike again if agitated.

Am scheduled for (remedial) driving lessons every day until the 13th. Aaaargh.


Cheryl said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Congrats on elimae...yes, isn't the response time unbelievable?!


michi said...


you've totally lost it now. i don't even LIKE anchovies!

anyway: ROFLMAO! tee-hee. but are you sure about the birthday suit thingy? do we REALLY want to see them like that? i for one thing will be wearing my polka-dot raincoat and striped rubber boats for the ceremony.

congrats on elimae. must try.

hope you are feeling better - if not: uxski!