Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who survived driving lesson #3?

I, the driving instructor and the townspeople -- including two (2) mothers with baby carriages.

Activities I'm getting good at behind the wheel:

· doing straight roads while shifting gears;
· doing slow curves which require little footwork;
· slowing down without killing the engine;
· going very slow 150m from a red traffic light -- so much so that it actually turns green by the time I get there and don't have to start-up [yay! car horns are prohibited by law in cities, so I don't hear anyone complain ];
· panicking at the sight of mothers with baby carriages who take up part of the road (mine) in a blind curve.

Activities I'm struggling with behind the wheel:

· re-starting the car at intersections, then turning left/right;
· re-starting the car, period;
· finding my way out of traffic circles.

I rather like to think I'm improving. The instructor was less cheeky, more encouraging today. He did mention breaking into cold sweat every time I do curves. But he just hooted Assassina! four (4) times... once because I rather panicked at the sight of too many cars on the intersection and went into a trance with my foot on the clutch -- which prevented him from starting the car and moving it/us out of the traffic zone.

Incredible writing update:

Wheeeeee! I finally quit stalling and wrote approx. 600 words of fiction this morning. Haven't written a short story since 2000... am doing it for fun with my favorite sandbox playmate, Valerie. I think we were rather sad about finishing the Bundles manuscript and this seemed a nice way to go on writing crazy stuff together. The incredible part about all this is I actually woke up at 5 a.m. to write.

Baked potato in the sky with diamonds:

Since everyone enjoyed my niece's picture yesterday, here's another one. It's a flying baked potato -- flying carpets, my dears, are out-dated by now.

In case anyone wants me to do their kids, just hoot. Doing these things just tickles me pink.


michi said...

now i know what it is called a jacket potato - because apparently, babies can put it on instead of clothes. too cute. perhaps i should send you one of my baby pics. ;)

cool re the driving!

good luck with the short story! a friend of mine wrote a short story with one of his friends - they took it in turns, and after each instalment told the other one what had to be included in the next part. hilarious, and pretty much unreadable. *L* if ever you feel like it ... i'd be up for it.

m x

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Ooh, ooh *raises hand* - can you do my gals? I LOVE these pics, Arlene. You are just talented in every direction, aren't you? Of course, it doesn't hurt that your niece is one of the cutest babies EVER. Love the magic dust/stars that are swirling around her. How DO you do that?

SarahJane said...

that is really sweet. will you be my sister?

Arlene said...

now that i think of, michi, the potato looks like a bathtub, doesn't it?

i left a note in your blog, sharon -- with directions on where to send the pics ;)

of course, sarah! does this mean i can start calling myself anne sloat? that's a lovely name. something everyone might finally get right. hee.


Liz-Anne said...

Hi Arlene,

Just popping in to say beautiful niece in fantastic baked potato....being Irish, I love my spuds! :0)
Also well done with sticking it out with the driving, you're experience reminds me so much of my own (during 'one' of my 3 driving tests, I was in a cul de sac and just didn't know how to get out until an old lady waving a shopping bag in the air, signalled the exit to me!):0))