Friday, June 16, 2006

Shaking the Rattle

Just discovered that issue #24 of Rattle is now online. They've included my poem, Of geese under the "Featured Poets" section. Yay!

Website completed, almost:

Alice Folkart's, a Blueline moderator who likes cats.

Today's 350 words (approx.) of fiction:

Woke up at 8 a.m. to write a bit of crap called Confessions of the Flying Baked Potato. Yikes, I've been so good and industrious these past two days, it's scary! Michi, who likes speaking with a drunken slur in my mind, would say: No, honey. That's not scary. That's fiction.

Recent rejection:

Received a nice e-mail from Bitter Oleander

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your submission and your patience in awaiting our rather tardy response to your Five Poems. Although they were not a fit for us, it was our pleasure to consider them and hope to see further work from you in the future.

All best wishes,

Paul B. Roth, editor & publisher
The Bitter Oleander Press

     Submission date: 24 April 2006
     Reply date: 16 June 2006
     Comments: No, I refuse to believe it. No, no, no, no. Someone please tell me this nice editor didn't just call me Anne.

Today's healthy reminder:

Please throw out those moldy lemons that are stinking up the house.

Today's child Valerie's Madeline:


michi said...

i speak in your mind? i speak in your mind with a drunken slur??? you've never even seen / heard me drunk! but that's hardly the point here. the point is: you hear me speaking in your mind with a drunken slur??? darling, that's a sure sign. i'll leave it to your imagination just what it's a sign of, (pause) anne.

i really don't believe that so many people get your name wrong - i mean, it's hardly THAT unusual. i don't get half as many wrong spellings as you do, and michaela is not such a common name in english-speaking countries.

anne, indeed.
perhaps it's one name for each of your personalities?

sorry re the rejection. :(

Arlene said...

a sign of creative genius? oh, thank you. very kind. really. **blush**

teehee... and your shoes squeak, too in my mind. like mice. my imaginary cats are bothered by the sound. so, quit moving around and water my imaginary cacti.


Carl Bryant said...

It's lovely to receive a flattering rejection letter in which they get your name wrong.

Kinda makes you want to go to the bitter oleander parking lot and take a driving lesson or two.

Congrats on "of geese!"

Arlene said...

teeheeheee... now, carl, you just gave me a wonderful idea. what a threat! i bet i can scare all the shopowners in my wee town into giving me free merchandise, or else....

it's just a hunch, but you ought to score well in the
how scary are you?


sam of the ten thousand things said...

"Of Geese" is rich in imagery. Good poem. I'm fascinated by the shoelace at rush hour. What an idea Arlene--

lorguru said...

Congrats on "of Geese"...
and the rejection letter with the wrong name was pretty darn funny. Maybe your poems aren't rejected after all! Only Anne's.