Sunday, June 11, 2006

Finished my second round in 30:30

Yuppity-doo!! I'm done! It's fiesta time!

These last few poems were positively frankensteinish and excruciating to write --

  30. Cold Paradisiac Flies in the Skyline: Underbelly
  29. Cold Paradisiac Flies in the Skyline: Birdbath
  28. Cold Paradisiac Flies in the Skyline: Radio
  27. Cold Paradisiac Flies in the Skyline: Hurricane

I'm also relieved to be done with this war series which I agreed to do for an anthology. Let's hope the editor likes them. In the meantime, bottoms up!

Recent acceptances:

Eclectica accepted two word poems, Not So Much the Dark and The Twenty-First Secret Love Poem plus a normal one, Allure. The latter is actually based on my sis-in-law's experience walking the dog: this car drove up to her and a guy asked how much. Tickled me silly. I mean I can understand seeing a lone female silhouette in the night and thinking dirty... but a fifty-year-old woman with a Pomeranian is another thing altogether, methinks.

     Submission date: 11 May 2006
     Reply date: 8 June 2006

And, whooooopeeedooo, here's one more reason to uncork the prosecco!

Unpleasant Event Schedule has scheduled my cheeky poem, Ten-and-a-half reasons not to buy D for an October viewing. I'm really thrilled with this acceptance since the editor sent a nay the first time and I wasn't sure if I'd ever get in. I just love the poems in that 'zine.

     Submission date: 5 April 2006
     Reply date: 8 June 2006

Finished reading:

American Gods by Neil Gaiman... it's quite a page-turner! The plot is rather convoluted, but I rather like 'em that way. Enjoyed the idea/discourse about gods being quite dependent on what and how people think -- something to toy with mentally for a while. Made me want to leave some food out for the poor piskies.


michi said...

hooray for you! :))))

i agree re american gods. what's next?

back to the tennis ... m x

Cheryl and Janet Snell said...

Congrats on the acceptances! Re:gods, whenever my husband Krishna spills something on the floor, he says it's for Laxmi Devi.Ha, less work for me...

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations!! The war poems have been a fantastic end to your 30:30. I hope you won't stay away long. And hooray for the acceptances!! Well-deserved, every one.

Arlene said...

thanks, michi! i'm going to the library tomorrow and see what else they've got.

teehee, cheryl -- that's one way to put it.

thanks, sharon!! i need a bit of rest and some time to study for the july exam. if i get to memorize all 1600 Q&A's before july, i'll be back. i'll miss everyone!


lorguru said...

Congrats on finishing the round and on your great acceptances. That story about your sister-in-law is too funny.
We'll miss you at 30:30.
Good luck with your studies.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't have to say it. By now, you can read my mind--


Whew! Sorry, but that's the only way I'm gonna say it like you've never heard before ;-)

You certainly deserve all the recognition for your contribution of Antangulicious poetry (which I'll miss reading in 30:30)

SarahJane said...

Hi Arlene -
hope you're well - you sound well!
Congrats on the acceptances AND on finishing 30:30. I peeked in and you really shine, girl!