Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rock 'n' Rolling in Tattoo Highway

Wheeee! I'm drinking hard and fast in the "Rocky Road: Rock 'n' Roll" issue of Tattoo Highway with my poem, At King's in Jesolo, 2004.

Recent Acceptance:

Obsessed with Pipework accepted three poems for their 2007 issue (#38):

Sunday Picking
In That Time Called Erstwhile
In order to begin this poem

Quite fast response times, too. And the editor, ever so nice, even apologized for the delay.

   Submission date: 24 February 2006
   Reply date: 14 March 2006

Books Ordered and Received:

The Key by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki
Cascade Experiment: Selected Poems by Alice Fulton
The Tip of My Tongue by Robert Crawford
Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson [because Sarah said it raaaawks ]

And, of course, this means I got my copy of The Sims 2: Open for Business Expansion, too. Played it the whole afternoon until three this morning. My personal view on writing today -- which is more or less on the same level with cleaning the artichokes:


Anonymous said...

a-- as always, a pleasure to read your recents: your proclivity for productivity simply amazes and befuddles me, the muses' ne'er-do-well. best to hubby (and you) and juicer and the now-molded planetarium.

your photoem is *just2much*-- an alsatian delight, calculator&all. precious, dear, precious. keep on-keepin on.

Anonymous said...

I remember the poems accepted by "Obsessed...", and I remember the craftsmanship of each... wonderful work!! I'm so glad more and more of your work is being published... I envy your poetry, how you bring so man odd things together... genius!

Many congrats to you in all your recent success...

michi said...

yay! congrats! my cheerleader has a temperature and is in bed, but i'll get her to do an extra round when she's better.

i *adore* the closing lines of the TH poem! the poem rocks!

i think, btw, that the mold developing in your plantarium is of the species iilbmfgx. *nods vigorously*


Arlene said...

thanks, nicole! you're such a darling. **huggy-hug**
wonder what bluegirl would make of the alsatian. hee.

many thanks, nathan! flattered that you even remember those poems in 30:30.

teehee, michi. i disagree, the word verifier states it's the qpwavye type. very good for people running a temperature. to be taken with a brown leaf. yesyesyes. teehee.


SarahJane said...

wow, that's so cool that you ordered "Jesus' Son." I'm not sure it's for everybody. There's an interview with the poet Amy Gerstler at DMQ this month and she says it's one of her favorite books, too.