Thursday, March 16, 2006

Plantarium and Moria

Well, it's dead. I think. The molds in my plantarium at turning a nasty shade of gray. The plant has shrunk as well. Booohoooo!! Bye-bye, sweet pea.

On the brighter side, Moria's fall 2005/winter 2006 issue is now online! I've got 4 poems here from the Bundles of Letters, including A, V and Epsilon manuscript which I co-wrote with Valerie Fox -- and is still wandering around the US for a publisher:

Long Long Ago
Dreams of some bad life
Ultimate Hate Letters
What ever happened to incidence

All crazy poems, of course. But Valerie's an English professor... while I'm just that non-gendered glump hiding behind the sofa.


michi said...

aaahh! so that is YOU! and i was about to throw that *thing* out! shuld have said something, dear. *LMAO*

and you call yourself crazy?

the word verification speaks dutch (that sounds like a title for a pem, doesn't it): zoghejd.

congrats on the acceptances!
and re the plantarium: isn't mold a living thing too?



Anonymous said...

Arlene, it seems all I do lately is congratulate you... but with poetry as fine as yours, I should come to expect this... I've appreciated your enthusiam over my own acceptances, and continue enjoying your poetry in 30:30... I know, I know, I WILL come join you guys at some point... *smile*