Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Something of a mass e-mail...

since many friends know about this blog -- I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm running VERY late with my e-mail replies. Husband is sick and has been prescribed a liquid diet for at least a week. I'm spending most of my time in waiting rooms, answering phone calls and cleaning the juicer rather than juicing itself.

And, as if things couldn't get any worse, my plantarium is doomed and overrun with molds. Booohooooo!! I will snap a pic as soon as I have a bit of time. It's one of those things, like the Frog Prince, that everyone (especially Michi) has *got* to see.

Recent Acceptances:

Eclectica accepted my word poem, Weather-wise for their April 1st issue. Very nice and professional online journal -- with some fabulous poetry -- which makes it always a thrill to be part of the bunch.

   Submission date: 19 January 2006
   Reply date: 6 March 2006

Noo Journal accepted my poem, Swirling calling it "a wonderfully meditative anecdote with some great language." The editor is simply terrific -- gave me some great suggestions on some cuts to make on the poem... so if it's looking good, I owe it to Mike Young.

   Submission date: 18 February 2006
   Reply date: 7 March 2006

Amusing Fact:

Annette Marie Hyder asked me some weeks ago to make a "photoem" for her project Facing Feminism: Feminists I Know.

The photoem is now available here. As I told Annette, the dog looks much better than me in the picture, but she does own more than my share of the room -- and so, has all the right to look her best. Hee.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've begun another round of 30:30--I've missed reading your work...

I'm sorry to hear about your hubby... I'm channeling tons of well wishes and good thoughts...

Also, congrats on your recent acceptances. I know someone else who just got into NOO... I'll have to check them out... Always good to hear good news!

michi said...

angela, dearest - sorry about the illness and sorry about the plant. but perhaps you can have a conversation with the juicer. and please spare me more frog-prince-like pics. thanks.

great to hear we will be sharing space in eclectica. the mad ones will rule the world some day soon. he-he. :)

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your pic in annette's project. i don't care for dogs at all, as i think you know, but i quite like you. ;)

thanks for your notes on my blog! off to munich. take care, xx m and - azsrdxwu

SarahJane said...

Angela -
hope your husband is doing better soon. is he italian? i have one of those! it is not fun when he gets ill.... mamma mia
love your picture!

SarahJane said...

oh damn, i walk away thinking... angela...?
Arlene! Sorry, It's all michi's fault. Michi! It's all your fault.

you can both call me
from now on.

Arlene said...

thanks, nathan!! i find that writing keeps me sane. hubby now on the mend... the cauliflower juice turns him nicely green. and yes, check out NOO -- the editor's wonderful, too!

hahahaha!! i can't believe sarah just called me "angela". unbelievable... honey, you're the fourth in the last two years to have called me that -- without meaning to. as i told michi, it makes me wonder if i should change my name... due to public insistence. one editor even wrote it on a check, as if to prove her point. ahem.

and yes, i *got* one of those gadgety italians, sarah. talk about zero fun! he's a bear (trap) when he's sick... and boohoos whenever i hand him the cauliflower juice.

michi, i'm ready to *kill* you when you get back!!!
teehee. as punishment you'll have to look at the molds in my plantarium.


p.s. glad you like the photoem... it tickled me silly doing the ownership breakdown with a calculator. hee.