Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A day off from writing

Wheeee!! Finished my first round of 30 poems at ITWS yesterday!

Have taken the day off from writing. Energy-wise, I'm just depleted. Hubby still sick after two weeks; it's such a worry not knowing what's wrong. The medical exams are taking ages.

It's also my dad's first birthday since... and my mood is rather darkish with a tendency to "brood over broken broomsticks" like the witches in my favorite primer.

Recent Acceptances/ Rejection:

The Potomac accepted two poems for their next issue:

Coroner Kui Pours Wine in the Dark
Single Hung Window

and another wheeeee!!
DIAGRAM accepted my poem: first, there was chloroform -- for their upcoming issue. After years and years for submitting and stalking, I've made it past the front door.

A rejection from Unpleasant Event Schedule:

   Submission date: 23 January 2006
   Reply date: 25 February 2006
   Compulsive-obsessive thought: Submit again, submit again, submit again.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your recent acceptances (especially Diagram)... sorry to hear about your dad. Your round of 30:30 was amazing. Great stuff, Arlene! You deserve the break...

Arlene said...

Thanks, Nathan -- for everything! **smile**


michi said...

hey you! way to go on the 30/30! come back though, come back! nigel misses you! esp now that he is in love with angie and that guy digby and all that ... sigh. you better check.

and congrats on the acceptances. if i find time somewhere somehow, i will submit, i will submit, i will submit. to several places. i need to. really.

tell your other half to get better soon, spring is coming! i hope.

xx m

ps: ijtkryre

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations on making 30 Arlene, and on all the acceptances!

Arlene said...

hah. i'll believe in spring when it hits me on the face, michi. right now it's snowing... and the wind keeps saying woooohoooooo! :D

thanks, sharon! miss you in 30:30.