Friday, November 03, 2006

A note about duotrope's digest

Discovered duotrope's digest last night through Fringe Magazine. And OMG! Writers with a submission obsession like yours truly are going to think they've died and gone to heaven. Well, snap awake — because this is a real life market database that actually calculates the response times of each magazine based on submitted reports. They even have a "theme calendar" of submission calls. Wooohoooo! No more need to write them down on paper which I know I'll eventually lose. There is a god out there.

Recent publications:

• Issue 6 of Fringe Magazine is now up and I have three poems there: rest : stop, through blinds and That time my upper lip swelled up. Working with the amiable editors of this neat 'zine has also been an additional treat.

• Yay! The Alice issue of Wicked Alice is now online with tons of spanking-good poetry. The fact that I know (not in the biblical sense, McClain) quite a bunch of the people there — namely, Jessy, Sarah, the demented Michi, the missing blogger Miss K, Nannette, C.E. and Liz — makes me all chirpy and pink

About my e-mail:

It's been dead for around a week now due to some upgrading going on at the Perigee website. Hopefully, the only people still sending me e-mail to that address are dirty spammers.


michi said...

thank you, dearest. calling me demented. just what a sick girl needs. i love being married to you. i never have to worry i might not be offended as much as i want to be. need to be. you're one to talk anyway. half of your personae think they are god!


About the Group said...

what a joy to discover your blog. have been a fan for some time. glad to meet ya.

S. Thomas Summers ( Scott )

Liz said...

Oh gosh Arlene, what an amazing gold-find 'duotrope digest' is...many thanks for sharing is bringing on submission-itch...I enjoyed playing around and making discoveries with the various data areas :)

And oodles of congrats for Fringe.


Cheryl said...

Hey, Arlene-

Great reads with your latest publications!! Wonderful stuff as always.

See you in the house of madness.


Kevin said...

Just thought i'd show you: Response Times of Poetry Zines

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations on the publications.