Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Running low on gas...

Probably here's where Nicole, the mountain mamma will say: I knows I wasn't imagining that hideous gas cloud hovering over my home. Call it a girl thing.

I didn't mean that kinda gas, of course. Just running low on energy these days. Must've slept for twelve hours yesterday and still I felt gooey. Blah. Blame it on autumn, they say. Looking forward to yoga class tomorrow... hopefully, that and a bit of coffee will get me back on my feet.

Recent publications:

Yay! Just received the Autumn 2006 issue of Poetry Salzburg Review. It's a beaut! I can be spied maturely taking risks with RC boating here while old Mulch... well, she's obsessed with Nigel and Angie and giving tips on how to bury the dead. Really. At her age, too. Tsk.

My poem, Lapis lazuli is now up in the Post-Summer/Pre-Fall issue of Poetry Midwest. The PDF file is downloadable for free here. It's a wonderful issue — a particular treat to read is Claudia Grinnell's A Town With an Airport Like That.

Was thrilled to discover that the editor just had a bouncing baby boy last September 21. Wooohooo!

Driving update:

Still rather jittery. Practiced with the husband last Sunday. He was all head-shakes and grunts. According to the self-proclaimed expert, I don't curve around the roundabout, but make sharp 90° degree turns. The problem is I don't see any difference between the two. It was quite a letdown since I've been feeling particularly good and cool about my driving lately. Hee. At any rate, I refuse to trust such observations coming from the man who spilled my kefir grains during a sharp turn around a corner. Needless to say, we argued jabjabjab about it all the way home.


Anonymous said...

certainly you know better than to trust the observations of a kefir-spiller. *yee* i'm sure roundabouts are meant exactly for such curvaceous cornering. perhaps they are also meant to be taken in downward dog...

curious this gaseous form floating through my hemisphere...

love your poetry news. and that wind-up husband clock poem was dee-vine.

on fumes,

Arlene said...

you mean, downward dog... position? teehee. i'll have to think about that.

thanks for reading — you're a darling!


michi said...

okay now, arbuckle or whatever you name is these days: who got me obsessed with nigel and angie and the rest in the first place? eeee-xactly.

glad you received the zine. have you read any of it yet, except yours & mine? ;)

thanks for pointing to me. even though i am not particularly crazy about being called mulch when everybody knows my name is millipede.

oh and next time the husband spills anger, kefir or gases, luheefx him. ha!


ps congrats re pub!

Squamish Writers Group said...

Certainly that kind of jabjabjabbing could make a person run low on gas - takes a lot of emotional 'fuel' to refill the tank. Hope you're feeling zippy soon Arlene - congrats on your publications and on your driving too! I read your poems in 30-30 and they were a hoot.