Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Flashquake and 6 other things

The Fall 2006 issue of flashquake is now up! Have two poems there:

The Weight of Seasons
On Seeing the Body Hit Ice (editor's pick)

Check out the artwork of Wolff Bowen in this issue — its' absolutely gorgeous. Never seen anything like it.

6 things I'll bet no one knew about me:

Have been tagged by Michi into revealing 6 virtues about myself. No sins — because I realize that anything I state here may be used against me in the court of law. Hee.

I'm a southpaw. And so is the husband. According to Stanley Coren in The Left-Hander Syndrome, there is a high probability that the cause of our left-handedness is brain damage. No kidding.

I have two white hairs on my head which never fail to freak me out.

I share the same birthday with Harry Sinclair Lewis, Edith Sitwell, Elia Kazan, Buddy Holly, Chrissie Hynde, and —last, but not the least— Melvin Edward Mays (one of FBI's most wanted).

Okay, this should've been a job for Nicole: Once I left garlic, hot pepper and olive oil sizzling in a saucepan too long. The whole thing caught fire. When I saw the two-foot flame, I also had a brief vision of the condo burning to the ground — and the whole town pointing sooty, accusing fingers at me. I was already thinking about how to haul all the computers out of the house. Thank heavens the husband got home that moment and managed, after burning off the hair on his arms, to put the saucepan under the faucet. The spicy-hot smoke was particularly painful to nose, eyes and throat — I felt as if I'd been dipped in a pool of Tabasco acid.

I like my steak raw and all bloody, please.

No sense denying it: I'm a Lit major drop-out.

It's Cathy's birthday:

Discovered through Answers.com that Cathy Guisewite is celebrating today. I've got particularly fond memories of reading her comic strips in my —erm— youth. Had a good friend who kept me hooked on books and books of her stuff. Damn, but I never imagined she was this old (1950). Hee.


michi said...

so you were a, well, a health hazard even before you took driving lessons? :)

raw meat. YUCK. ugh.

thanks for playing!

and congrats re flashquake.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations, Arlene!! Love the poems in Flashquake. And guess what?! I'm a lefty too! That might explain a few things, huh?

michi said...

ahh but i feel left out (ha!) now! *pout*

i can write pretty neatly with my left hand though, and there are things i do better with my left hand.

tennis player rafael nadal is right-handed but plays tennis with his left hand. i couldn't hold a racket with my left hand to save my life!


Anonymous said...

your street name is now "mad cow"

i'm a righty-tighty, but my dad's ambidextrous~ always hoped it'd rub off, but alas.

don't blame you on the lit-major thing. i'm a lit-major yo-yo (dropped out, forced out, then lobbed over the fence)

oooh-weee! you had yo'self a smokin hot time there. keep soda (baking, not caustic) on hand for those kitchen emergencies and grease fires.

this message brought to you by fire marshall nicole.

thank you & goodnight,

Arlene said...

thanks everyone!

yay another leftie! gimme five, sharon ;)

michi, not sure i want to know what else you do better with your left hand. **snicker**

oh oh oh!! i'd never have imagined baking soda would put out grease fires, nicole. thanks for that tip! i'll keep it in mind.

i've got, i fear, a penchant for starting fires without even playing with matches. i remember trying to put out some tissue that caught fire (don't ask why **blush**) by stomping on it with my bunny slippers. sooooooo not a good idea.


michi said...

you are n-a-u-g-h-t-y, ms ang!!!
no don't even try to deny it.

your song is definitely not "we didn't start the fire", eh? remind me not to let you into my flat, not on your own, not without baking soda. :)

SarahJane said...

hey arlene,
like your list... brain damage does seem rather an extreme explanation.
ha! that cathy strip is funny. yup. my purse is overweight, too. I carry a tote bag along with it every day for my books and it still breaks my neck.

michi said...

sarah - that's because of the rain in it, right? ;)

SarahJane said...

right. i have ALL the rain by the way. smile

Anonymous said...

oh, you sneaky thing. i've read m's blog and know what today is...
check yo e-mail!


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations for the poetry.