Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Whooopeedoo!! I passed!

I'm halfway to holding my driver's license — as long as I don't screw up the practical exam four times in a row. Yay!

Thanks for the well wishes everyone! Must have worked, too since I passed with flying colors. When we girls flocked around the examiner — who incidentally made Agent Smith look harmless — to ask how many errors we made, he went, You, three! You, two! to the girls beside me. When he reached me, the fella snarled: You! Not even one. He looked rather disgusted.

Have a driving practice scheduled tomorrow with the head instructor. He wants to check how much I have learned before scheduling me for the practical exam.

Websites update:

Have taken a long time doing it, but got to finish everything late last night.

Valerie Fox (books)
Straw Gate Books (new site)
Leonard Gontarek (photos & poetry pages)
mine (publications list)

Recent winnings:

I'm particularly honored and ecstatic to have received the Adroitly Placed Word Award at Never expected this considering the stiff competition. I got a $50 gift check, too.
Whoooopeee, I'm feelthy rich!

Recent acceptance:

I just received an acceptance e-mail from Rattle. They'll be publishing my poem, A Driving Student Adjusts the Seat in their December 2006 issue. This is the second time in a row — after 9 years of continuous rejections. Totally thrilled — and my multiple selves (Ellen, Angela & Anne) are literally dancing!

    Submission date: 26 June 2006
    Reply date: 2 August 2006

Really great news this since, in the meantime, I've received tons of rejections, too. Won't bother stating dates (hee, if you want all the sordid details, feel free to e-mail me); I'll just state the names: Jubilat, Perihelion, Cafe Irreal, Elixir Press, Spinning Jenny and two others from book publishers (whose names I can't remember since Valerie sent the submission) regarding the Bundles manuscript. Where to send next? Where? Where?

What came through the post:

While I was away, Mr. Stegs (a gift from Sharon) and Valerie's book discovered the comforts of inanimate-objects bonding on my faux leopardskin rug.

Have begun reading The Rorschach Factory and it's fast becoming a favorite. Amazing poetry. Excerpts can be read here.


michi said...

HOORAY FOR ANNE-ANGELA-ALINA-ARIANA ANG! be sure to check that the correct name is in the license once you have it. :)))

BIG CONGRATS re the john vick award - i read all about it a few days ago! you rule! now, which book will you buy me? *L* actually, do buy #2 in the thursday next series, and i will send you #3; it is already waiting to be sent, on my desk.

YAY re rattle!

sorry re rejections. :(

aw, stegs is cute! he must meet dr raul thornbush some day. i am sure they would get along fine, discussing books (mine lives on the book shelf) and drinking port.

good to have you back!

m x

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, for Ellen... er, Arlent... uh, whoever you are... Congratulations! Big time!

You so deserve all of the success you're receiving, though I'm terribly jealous of Rattle (again), as they rejected my stuff some months ago, but I remember that poem (wanted to nom it for IBPC, in fact) and I'm glad it found such a great home.

Now don't spend all your Vick Bills in one place... and good to hear from you again.

Arlene said...

teehee. thanks, mick. i got the eyre affair and the big over easy back in manila. hope to start reading them soon.

and yes, mr stegs must consult dr raul thornbush one of these days. he —uh— believes he's a signed copy of ivanhoe.

thanks, nate! you ought to try with rattle again -- took me 9 years get through. we're still young enough to get away with it. hee.

with the postal costs at amazon, i'll probably manage to get only 1 or 2 books. but some books i've been dying to have, like gontarek's and ada limon's are available only in the US. so this is a great chance to get them there. yay!


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great news all around, I'd say. Passing... the award ... Rattle. Good for you.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

YIPPEEEE!! Arlene will soon be whooshing by on the roadways and the people of Italy will stand and raise their hands in greeting (or will they be shielding themselves in fear?) as she passes. Congratulations on passing with flying colors, and on the fantastic RATTLE acceptance.

As for Mr. Stegs...well...I thought I'd taught him better manners than that, but I guess there are some urges you just can't fight. That rug is pretty far out, too! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Big big congrats on all! I'm so excited for you, and will cross my own driving-impaired fingers for you on the next step. (I do have a license, but much prefer my bike).

Best, s.

C. E. Chaffin said...

Arlene, I lived in Germany and I know how hard and how expensive it was to get a license there; I assume Italy is similarly rigorous. Congratulations on Rattle; Kathleen and I were once published there together, something that's only happened twice. StellaSue read Kathleen's poem, "Half," on a radio show. As for me, I got in a bit of a tussle with her and I think ended up persona non grata and probably still am. That was back when I thought I was right. Now I know the editor is always right. ;-)

Anonymous said...

*WHEE*!!! WTG, on all counts, a!

ooh, and i like that rug-- *purrrr*