Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back again in 30:30

On a whim, I kicked myself back into 30:30 this morning. Let's see how long I last this round III.

Am also busy juggling four stories with Valerie — two of which are supposed to be possible entries for the Wild River Review Fake Memoir Contest. It's a riot. I spent a better part of yesterday morning laughing my pants off at the stuff I faked in the memoirs.

Some nice rejections:

Beloit Poetry Journal editor wrote:
We shall not be using your manuscript. Thank you, however, for giving us the opportunity to consider it. Many of us found your work interesting; I was personal fascinated by the formal dimension of "How a Mother Peels Fruit Before the Funeral."

     Mailing date: 8 June 2006
     E-mail reply: 19 August 2006

Smiths Knoll sent an amiable, hand-written rejection:
Dear Arlene —

Sorry: an enjoyable + interesting batch from you, as always. We hope you'll try us again.

     Mailing date: 4 August 2006
     Date received: 18 August 2006

On a lighter note:

Following a link from Matthew Schmeer's blog (under his thoughts on rejecting poems), I found this hilarious place: Professor Roy and the Amazingly Bad Poetry Journal.

I'm rather sorry I missed their contest deadline — with its "no-b.s. actual prize." That would've been quite an award to add to one's curriculum vitae.


Cheryl said...

Hi, Arlene-

I followed your link to the Writer's Studio. I've never registered there...how do you like it?

Good luck on 30:30!


Anonymous said...

you are the amazing poetess...
enjoyed your and v's story-- many back-pats and cheers!

sorry love, but my fish are better (tasting) than your fish
(only cause they're real- yip!)

luck be with you in the 30-something and the fishbowl

C. E. Chaffin said...

Congrats on your guest-editing Pedestal! Maybe while there you can discover their source of funding, as they are one of the few e-zines that pay. John's a nice guy. Enjoy your gig!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back in 30:30, A, I've sorely missed you're writing... sheesh, it seems now that you can drive that you're never around... sorry to hear about your rejections. I'm making a list and taking courses in the incredibly silent assasination... so you'll get in, I guarantee it!

Arlene said...

thanks, cheryl! the ITWS 30:30 is more cozy, i think. there is a rule that we have to read and comment on all the poems posted, but it seems only fair since we're not many. because of the amount of people in blueline, it's almost impossible to impose that rule. also, ITWS keeps a tighter ring in terms of membership — less chance of being plagiarized. that seems to have become quite a problem in many forums.

thanks for reading, nicole!! i'll see you at your place ;)

thanks, c.e. hee, i'll see what i can dig up. and yes, john's great. he's actually coming to venice in september with his wife. should be wonderful to meet him finally.

teehee, nate — i know i can always count on you to plan a conspiracy. michi, i hear, gives private courses in voodoo pricking and zombification, in case you're interested. great to see you back!


Cheryl said...

I'm going to keep going at Blueline, and it seems that they are a pretty supportive group, and seem fairly small right now. I tried to register at ITWS to check it out, but I haven't heard anything back and can't get in. So...I don't know if I'll see you over there.