Thursday, December 29, 2005

Have now officially begun reading...

for the PNG Erotic Supplement. The list is still quite long and I'm stopping today at 9 November 2005 submissions.

Thought I'd start early since come January I'll be judging the winter poetry contest at Desert Moon Review.

What I did between yesterday and tonight:

• Finished reading the PNG Italian submissions
• Prepared the new PNG Italian issue layout and graphics
• Untangled the large knots that had accumulated in my hair since Christmas eve
• Made myself some horrible-tasting green tea
• Rounded up Marginalia poets for the PNG English Jan-Feb issue

The last one took me all afternoon -- had to read months and months of daily poetry at the House of Thirty.

In short, I am preeningly pleased with myself and begin to think that I *do* deserve to show off my paunch at parties.


Gary B said...

You read the House of 30 backlog.

Ouch, not even I have done that...



Arlene said...

Smiles back.... preening unabashedly.