Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 2 in the House of 30

As part of my New Year's resolution (set A.5), I have restarted my second round at Blueline's the House of 30 (ex-PD4P). Not writing very well, but it's still better than not writing at all.

Started yesterday since I was quite indisposed on January 1.
Which has led to New Year's resolution (set E.2): I will never drink hard liquor ever again. For the record, it's the third year in a row that I've written this down. Hah.

Wore my halo today and dove into my PNG Erotic Supplement mailbox. Yay! Have managed to reply to all subs before 25 November 2005.

However, such goodness has been counterbalanced by the evil that I did today: gave in to temptation and bought PlayStation 2. Uh-oh. Why do I get this sudden vision of my muse kissing me goodbye or is it only me -- drunk again in front of someone else's bathroom mirror?

1 comment:

michi said...

ha ha ha! i love this entry! :)))
i was indisposed on the 1st as well, but not because of hard liquor - terrible, terrible attack of that evil thing starting with an M and ending in igraine! :(( what an omen!

i am sure your once clean halo has become rather soiled in the process of the erotica-subs-reading-session?! i want to edit such a supplement too, some day, when i grow up! (ha! yes! not that there's much danger ... *L*)

anyway, not sure you are getting my emails, i know the aumelesi email is not always working, can you email me your other addy again?

and good for you, being back @ 30/30, i need to do something too, and fast.

see you around, miss!