Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Webpage transferred and updated

Yay! Have left the Goobertree site for good and can now be found at:

I couldn't access the FTP server anymore and was VERY displeased with the iPowerweb support team who weren't bothering to read my e-mails: they merely scanned for keywords, like "FTP" or "subdomain" and then copied-and-pasted their replies from the help manual when my problem had to do with a login problem -- which, I assumed, was changed while I was away and needed to be reset. DUH!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!
We ate and drank with gusto near the fireplace (not ours).

House-cleaning has been suspended for the holidays... as well as the daily one-hour treadmill marathon I promised I'd do in order to fit into my slinky New Year's Eve gown -- but, as my tender husband consoled me,

By then, everyone will be too drunk to notice your paunch, honey. HAH!


SarahJane said...

loved your webpage and read many many good poems there. thanks. don't worry about your paunch! i'm sure it's purty. smile

michi said...

YOU have a paunch? geeeeeeez, let your husband look at MINE, and then fall on his knees before you and beg forgiveness! *tsk* :)