Sunday, October 23, 2005

Slashing away

at all my list poems...
rather slow with the job. Brain still not working properly.

Have linked to Shanna Germain who's quite an inspiring writer and poet. I love her introductory page, too -- she just says it ALL!!! I'm stuck in bad muse days. And check the chestnuts in the kitchen a zillion times for new worm excavations. Four came out and plopped at the bottom of *my* salad bowl -- I'm never eating in that again. We've also got a wasp in the terrace... which my don-quixote husband attacked with degreasing liquid. Hee. Then I read about Nicole having a vacuum war with ladybugs. Eeek. Someone tell me this is only an autumnal interlude.

Unlikely 2.0 accepted three poems:

To Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the Wrench
A Kind of Tomorrow
Like Electricity

for their January 3rd 2006 issue. As the name suggests, they are crazy about bizarre stuff... like some little birdy's rules poems. **hinthint**


michi said...

calling *me* a little birdy? tsk.

*L* m

Arlene said...

teehee. i call everyone a little birdy... out of habit, because i like to chirp (literally) and flap my arms when i'm happy.

btw, try underground window with your rules poems, too. they got one of my list stuff ;)

michi said...

awww arlene, NOW i want to see you happy even more than before! *L*

thanks for the tips. in my database they go.