Sunday, October 09, 2005

Off the wagon again and aching

Have left the p-a-d again to pursue... more household chores. Since the cleaning lady's arrival I have more cleaning duties than in the past. There is simply no justice in life.

Was supposed to search for the vacuum in our "closet of abandoned things" today and also make an inventory of more than 100 bottles of herbal medicine, but had another tough case of migraine. Boohoo! Couldn't even smell food without retching.


michi said...

oh dear, cleaning and a migraine. does it get any worse than that? hope you feel better soon!

i completed my first (and perhaps only *L*) 30/30 today, and i cannot even celebrate properly - no time, and a headache too. oh sod it, perhaps i should still open a bottle of bubbly and toast myself?

miss you!!


Anonymous said...

thoroughly enjoy your cleaning capades as they mirror my own. don't blog here anymore, but signed in to let you know you're read and well-received. *have also admired your poetry since introducion via niederngasse* envy your venice experience.

Arlene said...

thanks, nicole! even though i *enjoy* talking to myself, it tickles warmly to know that people read what i write here and there.

read your terrific blog... haha! even got a kick out of your PNG bio: "Her poems... are influenced by regret, instability, vanity. She writes too little and thinks too much, enjoys gardening heirloom vegetables, and cries when she forgets." Sounds like me apart from the gardening. Hee. We should compare regrets, instability and vanity progress reports... oh, and cleaning genes. **grin**

Anonymous said...

yeah, i had to go back to livejournal cause my ruralness [read: lack of time, knowledge, etc.] prevents me from doing all the spiffy html tags. thanks for reading the bloggy thing- i also think your comment about blogging=sex is brilllllllliant. and, yes, while blogging provides a certain anonymity, it also sates the voyeuristic appetite. comparisons are a *must*
i've a sneaking suspicion we'll share, lots. if you'd like, i can try to link to you-- don't know if it'll up your traffic, if you want upped traffic. up to ya.
aotn, must off to the dishes, the dishes.