Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Clean Sheets poems

An erotica magazine, Clean Sheets published my three poems today:

In the Lion Tamer's Trailer
Tonguing the Flute
Confessions of a Shoe Stalker

Cleaning lady came over at 8.30 this morning. She's locked me in the room with four boxes of herbal medicine, my dad's still bubble-wrapped paintings and some dusty paper bags... with the hint that *she* doesn't want to see any of these in the living room when she comes back next week. What's worse, she made me pay her afterwards. Help! I've been ambushed by Hitler's reincarnation!!! Someone offer me political asylum quick!

Teeheee... just kidding. She's a very nice, orderly person of the Mum-type.

Discovered that House is on tv tonight. Yay! Was rather aggrieved when they showed some boring soccer match in its place last week. I like Dr. House. He reminds me of my husband on his good days. I also like Adrian Monk. He reminds me of myself when I try to act sane and orderly.

O well. Back to the sandbox sonnets. Stayed up until 2 to get the first one done. Where I come up with these masochistic ideas I do not know.

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michi said...

psst, arlene! it's not you. it's the muse. she's a sadist!

trust me. she is. and she's related to mine.