Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Listening to Tori Amos...

this morning because a Viennese birdy sent me some great CD mixes for my birthday. Thank you, Michi!!! **flyingkiss**

Have become an active ingredient in Shampoo 25: clean hair / good poetry. As the editor, Del Ray Cross writes: Rinse. Repeat. Repeat again! Scrub-it-cuz-you-lub-it. The contributor notes are a riot to read, too!

Received two acceptances (Astropoetica & Perigee) and two rejections (Typo & Valparaiso Poetry Review) between yesterday and this morning. 50/50 chances are a milestone. Yay!

No one seems to have appreciated the fine qualities of my Frog Prince that I am rather forced to turn to Grüner Drache (whatever that means) who has very nice ears and a great skin tone... maybe marry him off to Elindria who has a passable appearance.

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michi said...

arlene --

i cannot believe it took so long for the mail to get there, but am relieved it finally did. there's more where this came from. i look forward to hearing what you like best!

grüner drache - green dragon. yeah that banal. ;)

and that poor girl! if i had to marry that beast ... if i did not have a migraine, i would get one now, thinking of that option!