Thursday, September 15, 2005

Two poems in 2River View

The fall issue of 2River View is up with new poems (and mp3 recordings of them) by Lightsey Darst, Matthew Flaming, Richard Freed, Laura McCullough, Lauren Mitchell, Ed Shannon, Henry Stanton, Kirk VanDyke, Lisa Zaran... and, ahem, yours truly. It's a terrific journal and I'm preening compulsively as a result. Hate my voice though. But I added Pie Jesu as background music for The 49th Day -- which I thought was a nice touch (and hopefully distracted from my yukky voice).


michi said...

way to go!!! :)))

Squamish Writers Group said...

The 49th Day is my total favourite of all your poems. Phenomenal

School Girls Knees is also very good

Nice to meet your audio too

Congrats and bravo

Arlene said...

Thanks, Michi!!!

And thank you, Jude! The 49th Day is a fave of mine, too... a way of saying goodbye to my dad (without really closing the book).

Hugs to ya all!