Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cleaning up the clutter... boohoo!

Yes, after almost two years, I've decided to put away the foldable dining table... and remove all the odds and ends piled on top of it. Maybe two hours for two years of building up the clutter is a bargain, but my headache says another thing.

Will have to restart writing tomorrow. I've got all sorts of list poem ideas coming up to me in dreams. Sometimes I chuckle. Sometimes I scratch behind my ear. Truth is I keep repeating certain jokes to myself and hence feel unappreciated for my finer qualities (indivisible by two).

So much for the Sims. I am sad. My Nightlife expansion pack hasn't arrived yet. And I've been forced to put together the new issue of Niederngasse Italian (with translations of Valerie Fox's and Jayne Pupek's poetry. Life can be so depressing when you feel like it... especially after seeing three more tiles crumble down in the bathroom.

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