Thursday, February 28, 2008

I want...

... to do everything. Instead, I do nothing.

Normandy said it, not me — but it nicely sums up what I've been up to these past few weeks.

However, I'm cleaning up my act. Because (1) The Pedestal Magazine has just reopened its doors to submissions and I'm the editor on duty, (2) have re-scheduled myself to return to 30:30 tomorrow, (3) a rumor's been flying around that I've been abducted by aliens [i.e. myself and more of myself] and (4) there's something not quite healthy about watching all 13 episodes of Touching Evil in a single day — in bed, with popcorn.

Recent acceptances:

Mascara Poetry accepted three poems, Self-Portrait with Umbrella, A Warning about Attachments, Wu Jin Contemplates the Tattoo on a Soft Cheek for publication in their 3rd issue.

This is a neat journal with very eclectic tastes. While they're particularly drawn to the work of contemporary Australasian and Indigenous poets, they also consider works typed in English from other carbon-based lifeforms. And hey, they've just become a paying market (Aussie dollars). Check 'em out.

     Submission sent: 7 November 2007
     Reply date: 15 February 2008

Chiron Review accepted three poems, Driving Home, Snow Globe and Sunday Morning Mass for a future issue. According to my —erm— Poet's Market 2000, it is "a quarterly tabloid using photographs of featured writers" (why am I suddenly thinking of the Rocky Horror Picture Show?) with a print run of "about 1000".

They accept e-mails submissions only from overseas writers.

     Submission sent: 15 February 2008
     Reply date: 25 February 2008

Recent publications:

• Have three poems, Black Tar Girl, Night, with Owls on Witch Trees and Commute under L. Ward Abel, who is the Featured Poet for February 2008 in Contemporary American Voices. So thrilled to be sharing space with Collin Kelley and Beverly Jackson!

• Was delighted to receive three copies of the Fall 2007 issue (Volume 3.2) of Marginalia and find Carol Frith, Paul Sohar and Dana Sonnenschein — whose works I came across and loved while doing TPM duty. This is one gorgeous magazine: flat-spined, full-color glossy card cover with around 160 pages of poetry, fiction and art. A tiny, tiny prose poem, My SimCity Llama Has a Cold makes its debut sneezes on page 15.

• While Valerie and I were preparing the final draft of our Bundles mss for Texture Press, I summed up enough courage to query about the publication of my poem, further adventures into private parts in Painted Bride Quarterly — I signed the contract two years ago, didn't hear about their Pirates issue anymore, and didn't know what to write under the Acknowledgments page (finally opted to pull it out of the mss).

Anyway, I asked and found out that their print annual is just hot off the press and heading my way as soon as I provide them with a "brick/mortar" address. I know. I'm a woman of little faith.

Talking of faith

There's a... **whispering** ... priest who's been after me since my mom's funeral. He got my e-mail address. He is concerned about the salvation of my soul. He wants me to confess my sins. To him.

All my nightmares about stalkers and Satan have come true.


Anonymous said...

apogee: you've discovered my noticably burning man: mr. donovan, nee det. creegan whom'd i'd like very much to evilly touch *heh* and watch all day whilst sequestered in a veddy private room. with a view to a thrill, mais oui.

someday i shall poke around your pedestal's base, bringing my own special brand of nothingnesses. and, as for eclective tastes, none could be moreso than your own. and, your bridle's painted daily. or is that your girdle peeking out the margins?

and so as to spread the word, as in the beginning there was the whisper of the cloth, of the orthodoxy and nodding etymology, verily, ye shalt ought to be driven to the river, knelt before and praised in your own rite. right?

missives from the mothership disguised as cryto-veris: xsruye

spiritus sancti,

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

I am happy to read a new post of yours Arlene.
Best wishes, Davide

Collin Kelley said...

Welcome back.

Chiron Review is an awesome journal with a long history. I was lucky enough to be published in there a few years ago. Congrats on the acceptance.

Liz said...

Arlene, congrats on those mighty impressive acceptances - you are going strong.

Hope you manage to escape that priest's clutches ; )


michi said...

hooray for you, o madwoman! :)

re the priest, tell him that your name is angela - even he might notice that means you are angelic. also, tell him that you are god. or that god is speaking through you. or that you are exchanging emails with him on a daily basis.

whatever you do, don't give him MY email addy (the priest, not god, silly!). on the other hand - if i confessed my sins to him, he might die of a heart attack, and there'd be no more emails from him. possibly.

how's your lovely s. muscle?


m x