Thursday, May 24, 2007

The unofficial Press 1 mascot and ANON

On behalf of the Press 1 staff, I want to thank everyone for their great support (and wooooohooooo, button pressing). We're quite thrilled that a lot of people have taken a healthy liking to it. Mwuaaaaaaaah!

To encourage more button pressing, I have crowned the niece as Press 1's unofficial mascot. Giggle garbanzo diet. She, too likes pressing buttons — irrelevantly whether you say not that or don't.

Recent acceptance:

ANON accepted two poems, Where the hourglass and My Real Intention Was To Take The Bucket for an upcoming issue.

Absolutely delighted over this — ANON is such a classy print journal teeming with great poetry (with a preference for the surreal and dark). Really love their anonymous submission protocol, too.

Rather longish response times, but I think it's worth it —

     Submission posted: 29 January 2007
     E-mail reply: 22 May 2007

Recent publication:

Just when I was wondering if it was going to push through, I received my copy of Obsessed with Pipework (Issue 38, Spring 2007). Really thrilled with it! The poems make my mental hamster go round and round — wonderful mixture of minimalist stuff, narratives and the weirdly convoluted.

Old copies may be read online at the Poetry Library.

Their response time is something like 3 weeks via e-mail. Based on my record (1), time between acceptance and publication is one year and two months. That surprised me as well. Time flies and all that and I never noticed. In the meantime, the niece has learned to pronounce shark and my hair hasn't stopped growing.

And now that I've put my hair in the spotlight

Thanks to Ivy, here's what it would love to wake up to in the morning. Or even this.


Ivy said...

Teehee! Great choices for morning wake-ups!

And congratulations, you star, on recent acceptances and publications!

Collin Kelley said...

Wow!!! Press 1 is a gorgeous online journal and the poetry is inspiring. Can't wait to read more and for future issues.

Kate Evans said...

Very cool!

You've been tagged for a meme on my-my blog, May 27.


Liz said...

Hi Arlene,

Your niece is super-duper gorgeous. Adore the finger wag and the pigtails.
She has all the makings of being the best lucky mascot ever. : )

Congrats on the pubs – will mosey over there pronto.

Had some great inspiring giggles at your selection of quotes : )

Have just got back online after a 2 day abstinence because Dick
decided to teeth on the telephone cables!!

SarahJane said...

I've been meaning to congratulate you on Press1. Looks to be a wonderful venture, and i A-dore your mascot.