Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 11 of Round VII

Day 11. More than once I wanted to stop, but didn't. An extra back-pat for that.

    Poems to date —

    1. What Happens Next
    2. Fly
    3. The Lazarus
    4. Wet Paint
    5. Ferguson in the Bookshop, Sweating
    6. Ferguson's Sunday
    7. one : placebo
    8. two : union
    9. three : eclipse
    10. four : totem
    11. Letter from Miss de Bourgh

What else A has been up to:

• Setting up a new 'zine, Press 1 together with Valerie and other people

• Preparing book manuscript — tentatively titled, On Mirrors, Fractured — for submission

• Falling asleep in front of the laptop and being rudely awakened by the fire alarm when some Sim sets the kitchen on fire or when lightning strikes a tree during a sim-storm

• Growing light years further away from her mail

• Getting insensibly lost in Venice twice in less than two weeks

To cherry-top everything, A had coffee and lunch with Ellaraine Lockie — she was so excited by the tons of things they had in common, namely: paper-making, having relatives in the Philippines, a belief herbal medicine and yes, writing poetry!


Why is A talking in the third person?


michi said...

to answer your question:

i suppose because you do not want to be associated with A. or is that the other way round?


oh and A forgot to mention that she has been very unfaithful to her wife.

*swinging baseball bat* (and no, dear A, that is not an animal that's particularly fond of slow sports)


Liz said...

Arlene, like the 3rd person talking...think I will try it as might help me get a handle on things : )and it beats the politicians 3rd way anyday! : )

Hey love the idea of an Arlene, Valerie and others zine - like the name too and the new book title - there's loads to look forward to there.

Laptop sleeping I've done too - very funny : )


Sharon Hurlbut said...

A new 'zine?! Get out of town! That is soooooo cool. I can't wait to see it. Also looking forward to your book. And I'm loving your 30/30 work this round!

Kate Evans said...

It's great to be connected to such a productive poet. I linked to you too!

James Owens said...

Hi, Arlene,

Thanks for coming by my blog. I've been reading your poems with pleasure for years. Now I'm happy that we're working together at The Pedestal. Poetry selections for April were brillant, by the way.

Looking forward to the new 'zine!