Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quick-ish update from Manila

In Posse Review has accepted my poems, Study of an Object at Rest and The Macro Lens Feeds, in Part, On Human Skin in their forthcoming “Poetry and the Body” issue.

      Submission date: 8 January 2007
      Acceptance date: 4 March 2007

Really thrilled to be sharing space with Sarah in this classy 'zine, too!

Stand Magazine has also accepted 4 poems: Frog Oral Cavity: A Random Dissection of Wednesday, He drafted, Rehearsal and Falling into a Manhole is Considered Lucky in a future issue, sometime in 2007. I'm quite ecstatic. I used to read copies of Stand at the British Council back then... never imagined I could get in!

In fact, I'd already given up on them (see response time below):

      Submission mailed: 22 May 2006
      Acceptance received: 7 March 2007

Eclectica has accepted my word poem, The Woman in Teal Pyjamas in their Spring 2007 issue. This will mark my 11th presence there.

      Submission date: 25 January 2007
      Acceptance date: 14 March 2007

Boxcar Poetry Review is featuring two pictures I took at the Central Cemetery in Vienna in their March 2007 issue. Wheeeeee!! Here's a thought bubble:

• And last but not the least, I became a second-time aunt to the thirstiest baby girl in the East on March 5. She feeds almost every hour or two... breast milk and formula. Totally ravenous.


Cheryl said...

Congratulations!!!! Of course first on the second time aunthood. :)

And then the pubs.

And now I want a glass of water...your niece is highly influential.


Ivy said...

Hey, we might be in the same issue of STAND! Here's my response times: STAND: posted August 2005, accepted 8 January 2007. Woah.

And it looks like I'm part of the In Posse posse, too. :-) Yay!

James Owens said...

Beautiful, evocative photos in Boxcar and Stirring. Congratulations.

Also, looking forward to your selections for The Pedestal.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Holy cow! Is there anyplace left that you haven't been published?! Congratulations, Arlene. It's great to see you getting so much recognition for your lovely work.

And my sympathies to your sis-in-law. My girls were both thirsty babies AND slow eaters. By the time they finished nursing, they'd be ready to start again 20 minutes later. I bet you are one doting auntie!

csperez said...

congrats all around! i love the photos also!


Collin Kelley said...

Me, you and Ivy all in the same issue of In Posse! That's gonna be a hot, hot edition. Congrats!

SarahJane said...

hey adrienne!
i think you have a weird title generator in your garage or something.
congrats on the pubs and especially on your new niece. hope things are humming along over there in manila.
best, sarah

michi said...

you know, *i* am wondering what you pay all these editors ... and how you can afford the bribes. do you give them money or udder things? ;)

is the baby's name audrey by any chance? *L* *feeeeeeed meeeeeeeeee*

congrats, and congrats, and more congrats, and it looks like you'll have to come back to the cemetery and all its erect things some day to take more pics! :)

miss you,


Anonymous said...

aunty angel, er, angle, er, anteater.

superlative my darling, on all counts. as usual... adore your shutterbuggy-ness.