Sunday, February 25, 2007

Website updated...

with shots taken in Vienna... mainly the Central Cemetery and Schönbrunn Zoo. Am rather fond of this statue — the expression of grief is so raw and cutting. Makes me think of that biblical woman turning into salt:

Recent mail:

• My multiple selves went wooooo heeeee! when I received a fantabulous surprise mail from Valerie. She mailed me, for some inexplicable reason, a signed copy of Nathan Leslie's short fiction collection, Drivers. I'm continually amazed by how the literary world is so vast and so small at the same time — because, incidentally, Nathan is fiction editor for The Pedestal where I've become a hired hand and he went to do a reading at Drexel University where Valerie works.

Here's a ticklish first paragraph from his story, Errand — which, oh dear, expresses so well my driving hang-ups:
Shelley really can't bring herself to drive. Not only does her mother have heart arrythmia and need care and daughterly nurturing, but also there is the matter of fear and dread, or dread mixed with fear or ambivalence, or whatever it is that makes Shelley's stomach curdle and her skin tighten at the thought of sitting behind the wheel and stepping on the gas peddle. Who knows why? Thank God for Milton Glencoe — who lives in her neighborhood and agrees to drive Shelley for work every day in exchange for gas and a hand to hold his coffee. Sometimes he doesn't even make her pay for gas, does he? He either feels sorry for her or he forgets. One or the other. He is quite forgetful, which Shelley thinks must make him a superior accountant. That's the way accountants are supposed to be, isn't it?
• Have received my copy of Velvet Avalanche: a collection of erotic poetry. Oooooh and aaaaaaah. The poetry is a real beaut. That's all I can say.

Interestingly enough:

There's a list-your-favorite-porn-flick game of tag going on at Mad Carl's Brain Props. Well, it's true that I suggested it... but I never imagined he'd do the actual —erm— research. Teehee. And googling Shakespeare, I discovered that most of his plays have got their porn versions. If you scroll down to mid-page, you'll find some lists here and here (under the heading "William Shakespeare Retires from Gay Porn"). I mean, they've got King Leer, Horny V, Rich Hard III, etc. The wordplay just makes me go

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• Tori Amos: China
• Bjork: Army of Me, All Is Full of Love and Bachelorette
• Gianna Nannini: Meravigliosa creatura


michi said...

aaahhh yes pics! will go check out asap.

and hey, you thief! you stole those songs at my place - except the last one. which you left. a 1:4 exchange rate. how is that fair? ;)



Rachel Mallino said...

I've always felt so badly for Lot's wife because she is nameless - I like the statue and think your description is apt. Great pic, arlene.