Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Magma, Eclectica, BluePrintReview, Feathertale et al.

Yikes. Things seem to be moving fast... the winter issues of the following 'zines have gone online:

Feathertale updated its poetry section yesterday which includes my Supermarket Tabloid Sestina Challenge poem, Headlines Sestina.

BluePrintReview has published my poem, Probe in their 9th issue — I owe the line breaks to the wonderful editor, Doro.

      Submission date: 28 November 2006
      Reply date: 4 December 2006

• My review of Valerie Fox's book, The Rorschach Factory (Straw Gate Books, 2006) is now up in the Winter 2006-07 issue of Per Contra.

Recent acceptances:

• I'm delighted to share that Magma will be publishing my two poems: Tusk and A Day, Perhaps, Like No Other in their 37th issue, due out in March 2007.

It's my third attempt with this neat UK-based print journal, so I was quite thrilled to have finally gotten a thumbs up for a change. Their next issue theme is Isolation — deadline sometime around February. Do check them out!

      Submission date: 3 September 2006
      Reply date: 10 December 2006

• I'll be appearing for the —erm— 10th time in Eclectica (Jan-Feb 2007). The poetry editor has accepted two poems: Caregiver and Sonnenizio on a Line from Wendy Cope (yes, *that* one about the abusive myna bird called Sharon who drank like a sponge).

      Submission date: 26 November 2006
      Reply date: 12 December 2006

Morning light:

Woke up early this morning to take some pictures in the park some blocks down the road. Our teacher said between 8 - 10 am are the best possible hours for taking good shots. Then it's all downhill from then on. Like with my driving, I still have no idea what the hell I'm doing and what all those little numbers on my camera are for.


michi said...

jeez - don't you make yourself dizzy?

as usual, you're all over the place. *L*

congrats, dearest. us girls rock. yes we do.

Anonymous said...

how do you hold the camera AND the bottle?!

(thoroughly enjoying your shots: poems&pix, equally)

congrats on pushing through the earth's crust...


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Good news about your work Arlene. That's great.