Monday, April 24, 2006

Adroitly Placed Word and 4 Things About Me

Recent Publication:

I have 5 poems now up in John Vick's Adroitly Placed Word:

The Psychoanalysis of Pain
Figure Study in Gray
Nigel Loves Michi

Included are recordings of my yukky voice.

If I remember correctly, Nigel Michi was the poem that started it all -- the Nigel craziness, that is. Michi has poems here, too -- the one entitled Angie Nigel is, erm, particularly interesting.

The Four Things About Me:

Since it seemed churlish not to answer Michi's tag and being in a playful mood ever since resigning my editorial post, here are my answers. Whoever reads this must consider him-/herself *tagged*. Hee.

Four jobs I've had in my life
(nothing that ever lasted for more than a year)

1. News correspondent
2. Translator
3. Bio/bibliographical chronologist (for my dad's book)
4. Web designer

Four movies I would watch over and over

1. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
2. Oscar (my brother made me watch until I learned to love it)
3. Little Mermaid (teehee, ditto... memorized all the songs by heart)
4. Little Shop of Horrors (teeheehee, ditto -- I'm in love with the plant)

Four places where I have lived

1. Quezon City (Manila)
2. Venice, Italy
3. Marcon, in the province of Venice
4. Spinea, always in the province of Venice

Four TV shows I love to watch

1. House
2. Colombo (hah, I admitted it in public)
3. Murder She Wrote (hah, I can't believe I'm admitting *this* in public)
4. Lost (but we're like a year behind here in Italy... after reading the transcripts online, I sort of -- erm -- lost interest)

Four places that I have been on vacation
(the ones I remember fondly)

1. Sydney
2. Hong Kong
3. Bali (brem bali, brem bali!!! slurp)
4. Paris

Four websites that I visit daily
(the first two same as Michi's)

1. google
Four places I would rather be right now

1. Any English bookshop
2. At La Petite Périgourdine, 39 rue des Ecoles, Paris -- eating those potatoes fried in duck fat **drool**
3. In a workshop with Leonard Gontarek
4. In Pursky Muska, planting pine saplings

Four friends who I have tagged who I think will respond

1. Ethel
2. Angie
3. Nigel
4. Ellen


michi said...

hey good to hear about your acceptance at john's place - i'll have to go listen later today! nigel eh ... the guy is more famous than we are by now, and the weird thing is that he doesn't even exist. should that make us wonder, i ask? two more poems of the series are to be published - check my blog for the news! i'm *happyhappy*!

oh and thanks for playing the game after all. see what silent protest can do. *LMAO*

the only thing that worries me is that you have even more split personalities than i have, what with all the ellens and angies. or are they your imaginary friends? *G*

cvltag, i say. cvltag.


Arlene said...

teehee, michi. this little bunny has left bunny hair all over your blog. until i cut my hair, i'm afraid i'll be hung-up on growth.

i know. sigh. you were in my dreams every night wanting to know who i'd tag next. nigel might reply, too... and ethel. dang, i forgot digby and his what's-her-name wife!

my split personalities prove that i am neither antisocial nor asocial. my imaginary analyst assures me of this.

oops, have to dash... or they'll get me with the tranquillizer gun again.

remember, oucex!! (pronounced as "ooooh, sex")


Rachel Mallino said...

are you kidding me!- your voice is gorgeous!!!

- Rach

michi said...

fbzwirlg, arlene. digby's WIFE??? but digby loves ME!!!! see, i'm crying now. and it certainly isn't because i have something in my eye.


Anonymous said...

your voice is darling, daring, quite the pastiche of accent. a reverie. a lilting tongue on the cusp of syllabic frenzy!

*i was quite disappointed that your michi's poem was "read by another"* but i did enjoy reading her words, her images. i shall drop by her blog and tell her so...

gladgladglad you're back in the blogdom

Arlene said...

raaaachel!! it's been ages... i know i'm coming back to ITWS. i know. i know. thanks for the voice compliment. hee. **blush**

michi, isn't digby married? and why oh why is he wearing ethel's slingback pumps?

thankee, thankee, nicole!! huggles (now who said that first?) though i'm afraid we've rejoiced too soon... hubby has sunk back into pain these past few days. god, when will it be over?? boo... two months and counting. he's sick of being sick. sob.