Monday, April 17, 2006

The Potomac & Fireweed

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. We just went to the in-law's house for a light supper... as in beef lasagne, white asparagus with hard-boiled eggs, various veggy side-dishes, strawberries in lemon juice, the traditional colomba and one (1) bottle of prosecco. All very light and healthy. I slept until noon for reasons of digestion. Naturally.

Recent Publications:

I have two poems now up in the Spring 2006 issue of The Potomac:

Coroner Kui Pours Wine in the Dark
Single Hung Window

And, just noticed that the March issue of Fireweed has included my second-ever graphic poem, Like Turned Tables (or, An Astrological Chart Based on the Common Ashtray as It Appears in Dreams). Gary, the editor, commented that he liked the fact that the ashtray is dirty. Even though I worked one whole day to get the photoem done, I had to look at it again to notice that... which sort of sums up my housekeeping skills. Hee.

Recent Acceptance:

Poetry Salzburg Review has accepted my poem, Taking Risks with RC Boating for their Autumn 2006 issue (#10):

   Submission e-mailed on: 2 April 2006
   Acceptance received by post on: 14 April 2006

Very quick response times, considering this is a print magazine. Very professional manners, too. Payment is one complimentary copy -- though they don't state this anywhere. I hear that they're quite severe with guidelines... so take extra care and follow them to the letter. Otherwise, . Hah!

Recent Rejection:

Received a nice no from Spork Magazine:

   Submission date: 15 February 2006
   Reply date: 17 April 2006
   Thoughts: Hmmmm. I like editors who put up a fight.


Anonymous said...

INCREDible graphic poem [grins]. i love your sense of definition, proportion.

sooooo glad to see you back on the web. many more good thoughts for the prostrate hubby. good to hear about the easter meal-- sounds divine! that's what i adored about the food there. [Proustian sigh]

oh, and as always conrats on the pubs!! most excellent work, dear.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anyone saying no to you... your work is too good! Of course, many congrats on the fine poems on display, and I absolutely loved your graphic poem! I'd never seen one until now and boy, am I impressed... Good show, Ms. Ang, Good show!!

...or, what is the Italian equivalent??? imfqdr?

michi said...

hey you - wow. i didn't have that much food over the entire weekend. but that was because we stayed in vienna. my in-laws and other family would have stuffed us too.

congrats on the publications! i must try poetry salzburg some day soon - have had it on my list forever.

well done, zntty!

m x

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hey Arlene! Congratulations on the publications and acceptance! Love the poems.

Arlene said...

thanks everyone! glad you enjoyed the graphic poem -- it tickled me silly doing that.

hugs to nicole for sending good thoughts. hubby mending well... he even survived a morning in the supermarket with only a certain lightness around the wallet. hee. still a bit in pain, but he's hoping to go back to work this friday. crossing my fingers.

nate, why can't editors be more like you??!! you know you have my vote on being editor for an influential literary magazine. [grin]

michi -- yesssss, i was thinking of you between the poetry salzburg letter and -- um -- your bunny man. *do* send!! it would be neat to share space in the same issue. *we* rule!! teehee.

sharon!! miss ya!! i'm off to your place now.

michi said...

i just realised they have an illustration by colleen coover in spork magazine ... awww!!! she's cool. have you read her erotic comics? so sweet. *wink*