Sunday, June 10, 2007

Caffeine Destiny and Radiant Turnstile

Just a quickee update. Am sooooooo behind everything. Have got a brick wall of stuff to do and a hard time getting through it.

Caffeine Destiny is indeed back to life and is interested in publishing my two recently 30:30-ied poems, Possessions and Ceremonial Spoon in their next issue (July 2007). Thanks to Sarah who blogged about them — she's got a poem in the current one, too.

     Submission date: 16 May 2007
     Reply date: 7 June 2007

Recent publication:

The first issue of Radiant Turnstile is out, out, out!!! It has poetry by John Grey, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Jeff Walt, R.T. Castleberry, A.D. Winans, Steve Davenport, Lyn Lifshin, Larry D. Thomas, Bryce Milligan, Dale Wisely and Stella Brice. The editor was so kind to invite me along.

Cheeky guidelines page, too. This just tickled me pink: For contributors more comfortable with a 9 month response time, contact your local obstetrician.

And a reminder

for the women out there: Mslexia has a call for poetry/prose on the Mirror Mirror theme. Deadline is on 15 June 2007. Overseas contributors get to send via e-mail. Response is something like 4 months.


SarahJane said...

Hi Arlene -
congrats on Caffeine Destiny! Looking forward to the next issue, and glad the editor decided not to end publication.
I will certainly read your poem at Radiant Turnstile, too, as well as the others.
Two interestingly named journals, no? wonder what the story behind the titles are.

Kate Evans said...

Thanks for the great tips!

Anonymous said...

I came up with the name Radiant Turnstile while working on a sketch for a collage. Bruce New & I collaborated on the final design. I had cut outs of monkeys, stars, a peristyle; & a turnstile which looked as if it had been fashioned of pure gold. I wanted the reader to be drawn into the site, without any need of token or password. I am pleased with the name; & am honored to have such an amazing family of poets, who without them, Radiant Turnstile would not be.
Joseph R. Trombatore