Wednesday, May 31, 2006

20th day and still alive...

more or less. Only ten more days to go now. I've even gotten into the rhythm of attending driving class three times a week, studying a bit during the day and writing in between. This week's poems are --

16. The Magnificent Shrimp World of Fergus
17. I won't even mention Seinfeld
18. A Driving Student Adjusts the Seat
19. Ugly Underwear
20. Far From Where I Was Headed

#16 was my "pomming" of a poem in POM2 -- an ultra-kewl magazine if you like the idea of pomming stuff like soft lobotomy puppies.
#19 is, of course, my warped disbelief about being the only ugly underwear in the writing community. Michi's a fruitcake... but everyone knows she's half-nuts.

Recent rejection:

Received an amiable rejection from Magma --

   Submission date: 17 February 2006
   Reply date: 27 May 2006
   Reminder: next deadline is 10 July 2006 for Magma No 36, due out in November, edited by Anne-Marie Fyfe, with a particular theme of "inscapes - poems of the inner self, of secret thoughts, steams of consciousness, interior monologues, altered states of mind". Mark it on your calender... and, erm, maybe remind me? Hee.

Dead publication:

Well, it's official Lorraine and James is on indefinite hiatus. I pestered -- well, stalked seems more correct -- the editor until she replied that "all of the works are being released back to the writers". If anyone needs to get in touch with her, I suggest leaving a message at their blog.


michi said...

oh thanks very much re the NUTS comment! *LOL* m

michi said...

btw i really like the venice poem at ITWS. i like the sound of "fondamente nuove", every time i am there, i like to hear and say it. :)

nynimynz is equally nice though

Carl Bryant said...

I got in the habit years ago of rehearsing poems in progress while I drive. I was alone, and I'm on the road a lot. It's become a habit. Every now and then I'll say a line aloud when I'm not alone.

My wife often looks over at me on long trips and thinks I'm insane.

If you don't mind the looks, it's a great opportunity to "write."


michi said...

carl, i guess that's an advantage of automatic cars and long straight roads - which you don't get where i am! *L*

Arlene said...

ahem, that confession about fondamente nuove gets you a 5% rise in weirdness, michi. hee, if you should one day have a pet or kid, you can use the name -- a bit like calling someone "chapter eleven". **snicker**

haha! carl, i already get enough of those looks from my husband just standing in the kitchen and snickering to myself.