Saturday, February 04, 2006

More breathing space...

... and I've managed to squeeze some quality time with my Sims. Or should I say downloading objects for my Sims. Hee.

News and updates:

Red Booth Review has gone on hiatus. Booohooo!!
The news saddened me -- it's such a terrific journal and I'll miss reading it on a regular basis. I'm also rather sheepish because I sent a lot of people to RBR, but here's the brighter side of the coin: W.T. Pfefferle is also the poetry editor of Georgetown Review which is a print magazine always on the lookout for new writing. Submissions are only via snailmail, but it's worth a try.

• Three poems are up in the February issue of Unlikely Stories:

     To Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the Wrench
     A Kind of Tomorrow
     Like Electricity (my first experiment with photographic poetry)

• Davide Trame kindly nudged that we both have poems in the latest issue of Bonfire. Haven't received my copy yet. Will have to read the contract again to see if I'm meant to receive one. Hee.

• Based on hearsay, am also supposed to have a poem in A Generation Defining Itself: In Our Own Words (Volume 6). Haven't received my copy yet....

• Might be because our doorbell and intercom have gone kaput. I discovered this by chance when I returned home last Thursday -- without my doorkeys and, of course, without my cell phone (based on the presumption that my husband would open up). Had to climb the gate, go through the garage and bang loudly at the door before he realized I was 20 minutes late in coming home. No post in three days either.

• Plantarium plant green again. Have put height markers on the glass to check daily growth. Hee.


michi said...

you have not received your copy of in our own words yet? and i thought my mail is getting lost! i have had my copy for about a month now! i am sure they cannot send them all out at once, but perhaps you should ask marlow.

congrats on the other publications, and great to hear you are at it again at ITWS!! i hope to join you soon, but i am scared i might drive you away again, like last time ... ;)

xx m

Arlene said...

teehee, i think i disappeared around the time i received my sims nightlife. another expansion pack will be on sale come spring... so come over and join *now* before i disappear again.

funny, isn't it? after years of nagging you how writing daily cures writer's block -- i fall off the wagon myself.

one month already? boo. i'll write the editor then.

thanks, michi!!


Gene Justice said...

Yeah, mine took a long while, as well...the explanation over at the IOOW message boards is that it was competing with holiday mail. Makes sense, but damn! You don't have your copy yet?

Anyway, you're deffo in it. I seen it with my own eyes.