Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Underground Window issue

The November 2005 issue of Underground Window is now online with poetry by Emily Waples, Ann Berkman, Joseph Armstead, Harold Lorin, Bruce Milne, Simon Perchik, Carol Carpenter, Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti, Ana Monnar, Evan Saltmarsh, Jeanpaul Ferro and this frisky old goat. The poems are terrific; it's great just to be part of the gang!

Rejection slip from Red China Magazine last night -- which isn't bad. They replied (within 6 weeks)... which is already something. Yay!

Still mincing my list poems and making some nice pies. Creative part of brain no longer active...

probably the result of sniffing too much degreasers, calcium-deposit sprays, detergents and ethyl alcohol. Went on withdrawal this morning and ended up on my hands and knees to clean the kitchen.

Fellow came to check the boiler afterwards and approved (silently) of our decorous disorder. Heh!


Anonymous said...

congrats on all the recent pubs! i adore the ones in underground window- "sensory devotion"-- what a lovely line. and, oh, the mound of venus...

i checked out the shanna germain, too. she's the fabu!

here's to a dip in the temp and no more ladybugs!!

michi said...

frisky old goat! hahahaaaahaaa! you are too, too funny!

congrats. or should i say *baa baaa bleeeeaaaat*?

if you happen to find some detergent that makes you really high and content with the world and all our brothers and sisters, let me know. ;)


michi said...

what's roger doing on your poem's page? way cooooool!!!