Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Recent whereabouts (mine):

Took Pietro, my NG co-editor vacationing in Venice this week, to Burano yesterday. Just *adore* that city! He was impressed with it, too.

Staying in because I've got the cleaning lady and my parents-in-law's pooch. I have asked the former to direct her energies (and the degreaser's nozzle) to the kitchen. And so, all my pans (slightly dented) and dinner plates (cold) are on the bed this morning. Is that indicative of sex life in the bedroom while one's spouse is away? Hee. As opposed to my Sims who are having babies with different people in the neighborhood. Virtual people *do* have more fun.

List of recent woes and woohoos:

• Rejections received: Half Drunk Muse (nicely apologetic) and Strange Horizons (form letter).

• Acceptance received: ANON. Yay! I had labelled this as a lost-cause submission, but sent some work for purely masochistic reasons. It's a very classy print magazine with a rather long waiting period (3 months and up). Payment is one copy -- this isn't indicated on the website.

• Publication received: Shearsman. Very elegant and glossy!

• Announcement received: I'm a finalist (out of nearly 150 nominated) in The 2005 Robert Graves Award!! Yay!

Feeling cheeky pink today...

after a good night's rest on my new goosedown pillow -- which emits a nice fowl odor... which, in turn, probably induced my dream about Tutankhamen's cat (black and modestly loquacious).


michi said...

you rock! :))
congratulations where applicable and *hug* and cheer-up words where applicable as well. ;)

miss you at the 30/30. come back! *S* i'm spamming the world with my rules, but it is not complaining yet. ;-p

oh btw as long as the smell from the pillows is a foWl smell, not foUl, i wouldn't worry, despite the strange dreams.


Anonymous said...

oh, arlene!! what a fabulous thing!! many yays are directed your way- and btw, i enjoyed reading that you're in "itlay" on the website- i think they wrote that all special just for me and my sometimes veh-ry suthren pro-nun-cee-a-shuns. and dishes in the bedroom, huh? again, very much goodness and light for you!!!

Arlene said...

haha! thanks, daaaahlings!

i actually adore the foul fowl odor... very cozy. i must've been a farm animal in my past life. hee.

itlay indeed! they also called me angela once (and not the first editors to do so, too). could that the suthren pro-nun-cee-a-shun of arlene? teehee.

Christopher T. George said...

Hi Arlene

Good luck with the Robert Graves Award and stay safe on your trip.