Thursday, March 30, 2006

Update, in general --

as in, I haven't been zombified or anything like that. Yet. Husband still sick and now on painkillers. It's been a month, I know. He's been going from one infection to another. Has also lost 16 kilos. It's unnerving.

Have dropped out of 30:30 for now -- hope to be back on April's Fool for the... erm, obvious reasons.

Acceptance Received:

Wheeee! Georgetown Review recently accepted two poems:

Jasmine Tea
The Fourth Secret Love Poem

for either their 2007 or 2008 issue (for some reason the dates make me want to get a facelift in the meantime)

   Submission mailed on: 6 February 2006
   Reply received on: 28 March 2006

Rather fast -- considering that it takes at least a week for the mail journey to and from Kentucky.

Rejection Received:

Alice Blue sent a very nice rejection slip to some rather crazy poems --

   Submission mailed on: 10 February 2006
   Reply received on: 28 March 2006

Recent Publications:

My poem, Hot tubs is up in the spring 2006 of Pemmican Press.

A wonderful issue featuring the works of George Kalamaras, Tom Holmes, Marilyn Zuckerman, Iftekhar Sayeed, David Pointer, Joel Solonche, John Hunt, Foster Dickson, Hank Kalet, Eric Lehman, Jocko Benoit, Katie Antony, Kendall Dunkelberg, Kenneth Pobo, Jennifer VanBuren, John Bradley, Lynn Strongin, John Ronan, Patricia Smith Ranzoni, Tim Bellows, Sava Radakovich, Tony Zurlo, Robert Cooperman, Harris Gardner, Christopher Butters, Laura LeHew, Michael Henson, Rochelle Ratner, Amelia Raymond, Jill Garroway, Leonard Cirino, Beth Block, Gary Wilkens, Rosemarie Crisafi, Gary Lark, Jilly Dybka, James Grabill, Corey Habbas, Heather Van Doren, Joshua Pastor, Francis McConnel, Page Dougherty Delano, Jim Daniels, Gary Lehmann, Margaret Robinson, Jeff Jensen, Patrick Stanhope, and Donald Lev.


michi said...

200EIGHT?? jeez. but congrats! :) you may have to remind me though, once the zine's published. ;)

sorry to hear about lucio. the weight loss sounds HORRIBLE! :(

miss you at 30/30, it's just not the same madhouse without you. ;)

nigel says HI! he says, i adore you, need you, miss you, too. among other things. tee-hee.

mx oh and rgitxom

Anonymous said...

Arlene, of course, I wish you well with your husbands recent condition... *sending good thoughts, sending good thoughts* Hope everything turns for the better real soon...

And congrats on all of your recent pubs... I admire your work ethic, and have missed reading your work...

Pris said...

I'm so glad you posted so I could find out about your blog. So much news here. I'll be back to read in detail. If it's not too personal, what happened with your husband? Pulling for you both in that. (Added you as a link)

SarahJane said...

poverino! e poverina! hope he gets better soon.
congrats on the acceptances. you're amazing.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Oh, I hope your husband is feeling better by now, Arlene! You are very much missed at 30:30, but that is insignificant compared to your loved one's health. Positive energy is winging your way.

Congratulations on the acceptance and pub!

Pris said...

Still thinking about you. Wanted to let you know.

michi said...

'lo sweetpea - thinking of you.

btw consider yourself tagged - check my blog page for what and why and how! (if you like and have the time. i expect the "where would you rather be now" question was invented for you ...)

m xx

Anonymous said...

arleeeeene: many well wishes and good vibes and chants and prayers and beads counted and such for the husband and you.

hope all is going well.


Arlene said...

thanks soooooooo much for the good wishes, good vibes, etc. everyone!! and keep sending them -- husband still in a lot of pain. it's orchitis. no cure except for bed rest, i'm afraid... and his back aches from too much rest already. blah.

hope to post an update later -- time willing.

off to yoga class... trying to get back into the old habits,